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I'd really like to have a demonoid account, looking for an invite code?

Hi, I've been trying to get a account with demonoid for a long time, but every time I check, registrations are closed. So I'd really appreciate it if someone emailed me an invite code, theres $5.00 for anyone that gives it to me. Though please send me an email saying you're interested then I'll confirm someone hasn't already given me a code, then you'll send it, and then I'll pay you. I'd like it this way so no one feels cheated after multiple people send me a code. I promise that I will send the $5.00, that might not mean much on the internet, but you're not losing anything, and this would be a pretty easy five bucks. The money will be sent via paypal, so if you don't have a paypal account, I'm afraid I can't send you money. Thanks in advance!


P.S Sorry, I forgot to add me email, its:

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    I'll email you a code, but no money. Just mark this as best answer,

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    It is not permitted to sell or buy and account and those accounts will be disabled when they are discovered,

    I'll email you when I spot it open next.

    You will struggle to find someone that will give you an invite code that works unless they know you. If you get warned or banned, they could too.

    Your best option would be to sign up when they open their doors to the public.

    The last time I spotted it open was for 5 days from the 19th - the 23rd of June inc., a shame you missed it.

    Open Registration days can be any day of the week, are not necessarily every month and can last hours or days.

    I'd advise you to check the site EVERY day and eventually you will get there.

    If you can't get an invite you will need to follow this path, good luck.

    Please try and keep your share ratio above 1.1 when you get in.

    You may find this tool useful in the meantime, it's called Trackerchecker Sign in and select the trackers that you're interested in and you'll get an email when they open.

    Hope this helps.

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