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Pro-anabolic Whey Protein?

I was thinking of using this as a supplement to to help build muscle to help with my training because I don't have very much muscle.. Does anyone know if it's a good supplement to work with? Or does anyone have a better suggestion of supplements to build muscle for training?

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    okay alot of studies show those supplements dont work.

    1) if they claim to be as good as steroids it wont work

    2) alot of them have a placebo effect (you believe you are getting bigger quicker)

    3) are loaded in sugar that f*ck your teeth.

    4) can cause extreme heart/liver problems later on

    most athlethes use some form of supplements in the heaviest period of training & then stop.

    people dont understand this and take scoops everyday till they run out of the tub.

    its suggested that you get 1 gram of protein for every kg (weight of your body) as natural as you should and the remainder you use a supplement.

    so say your average day you get 60 grams of protein (you weigh 80)

    instead of scooping 3 scoops or something take about 1/2 a scoop to make up for it.

    that has to be put alongside ALOT of training to acheive results otherwise your body just flushes out the protein as it isnt needed.

    anabolic though as far as i know is very lethal stuff that bodybuilders use.

    if anything i would say just go for the average whey protein.

    unless you want to do body building (& have consulted your doctor) then use this.

    if not go as natural as you can and use the supplement on the side (even at that i would check with your doctor he can give pros/cons better then i can)

    Source(s): rugby training we got alot of lectures on using them yet some guys still ignore the coach and use these supplements.
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    sure, a multi diet and the protein which you may regularly consume is adequate. additionally rather of making use of Halo or No Xplode attempt making use of extra stable products that are shown to artwork. in case you seek advice from any bodybuilder they permit you realize that a good number of those supplementations are a great wast of money. the only issues that truly artwork are amino acids (present day in protien) and a healthful food recurring with supplementations.

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    Yes it is good, but you need complex carbs and calories if you want to gain muscle. I use quick gainer and it works well for me

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    i use whey anabolic extreme idk what pro-anabolic has in it. im only 14 and i use it after my lifting workouts. what does pro have in it? and whats your age

    Source(s): experience
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