My boss used me as a negative example in a work meeting!?

I've been working at a small business for almost 6 years. Things haven't always been easy but for the most part, it's not a bad gig... well until recently.

We had a work meeting about some serious issues that have happened in the past month. First she threated to let people go if things didn't change. Then, she mentioned how nice she's been as to give people all the time off they have requested, when she turned her anger to me.

She said;

"For example, Aurora! I have given you every weekend and holiday you've asked for, off! Without complaint, now here I am being sh*t on by employees who are taking my kindness for granted. Did you ever thank me for the time off? Did you even bother to invite me to the party you had? No! All the while you're getting wasted, having fun on my account! I'm really sick of this, therefore I am no longer going to be so nice!"

She stormed out of the room before anyone could say anything, we were all so shocked. I was completely caught off gaurd and embarrassed that I got up to leave. One of my co-workers (whom I'm friends with) followed me out and said she was so disgusted at what happened that she was not going to return and she hasn't. I would do the same but I can't up and quit, I need the income.

This happened almost a week ago and my boss has not said anything about her explosion, acting as if nothing had happened. Else where, I am being treated different by other employees. When she stated I "get wasted" these co-workers ran with it, talking behind my back that I'm an alcoholic.

All in all my work enviroment has gone to from liveable to down right torture. I've also tried calling her or asking to speak with her in private but she won't answer the phone and keeps telling me she's busy. I know, she's just avoiding me.

Can I file a complaint somewhere?

This is a SMALL business, as theres no HR or corperate office to contact. I fear I have no choice but to quit and manage to survive on the tiny amount of savings I have until I find another job.


I've never invited co-workers to any social events I have or go to. My co-workers, even ones I get along with are older then I am and aren't the "relax with a few drinks" type. None of them have ever seen me drinking, the outburst of me being "wasted" has no proof behind it. It came from her own imagination, probably because I'm young and like to throw parties where alcohol is involved.

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    Sounds like for whatever reason this person has a personal breakdown in the meeting, now i don't know the full politics but it sounds as though the other employees see you as 'cannon fodder' this way the focus is off them and they wont be in the spotlight if something goes wrong.

    there are a few options that can be done to resolve this

    1. Talk to your boss express how you feel, obviously try to get the bosses perspective, it could be a simple matter of talking it out.

    2. Put up with it. This is stupid and will lead to you most likely quitting as at the end of it all as your just the employee and the boss holds all the cards.

    3. Look for a new job. This might suck but if you have tried to reason with your boss and no success or if you cant put up with all the rubbish that is going on. It is better to work where you feel appreciated and not have the feeling of the guillotine over your head.

    Obviously if your going to leave... put up with it till you have secured something new

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    Well you can't change what happened so you need to just move on. Time heals. Maybe the type of work that you do that requires a contract isn't good for you. I think you should learn to stick up for yourself too because nobody has a right to treat you that way. Not even your boss. Also, for most jobs, if your having a problem with your boss or any coworker, you can call human resources.

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    That was amazingly unprofessional of her. She's probably avoiding you now because she's embarrassed and feels like a total a$$, which she should. There's no law against someone being an a$$, so no there isn't anywhere to file a complaint.

    I'd look for another job, and when you find one, quit and never look back. Try to hang in there until you find one.

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    Look for another job while you still have this one.

    If the boss' statement is untrue, then it is slander and you can sue.

    However, it is more likely that the friends/employees you did invite to the party are the ones reporting you as wasted to the boss. Any work environment is ripe for gossip. If you give them stuff to gossip over then you need to live with the repurcussions.

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    i wouldnt quit untill you find another job i went two months with no job before i got a new one and the only reason i got the new one was because of my dad it didnt really like the favor and now the place i work i dont even like it and want to leave again

    you cant really file a complaint but you can look for another job then quit once you started the new one

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    Do you have some Labor Relations Office? If you feel, you were discriminated, you should try EEO. If she implies that you get wasted. get yourself a psychiatrist because if you file a lawsuit you have to show how you wee damaged. But i will try talking to her boss,

    She may have gotten a bad evaluation and is on PMS. This is like deadly combination, if you yu bette spell out specifically your remedy

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    sounds like this woman has issues with you,

    If i were you i woulds start looking for another job ASAP

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