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What do Republicans have to do differently to win the next election?


Maybe Bobby Jindal.

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    Get the Hispanic vote and its not going to happen.

  • I love the answers here. They do have one false premise though. No matter what happens with Obama the Republicans have caused too many people to become their enemies. I know that I will not vote for another Republican unless the Christian Conservatives and the Armageddonites who control them are eliminated from the Republican Party. And I know that I do not stand alone in this because the Republicans on all levels Local, County, State and National have made so many Personal Attacks that they have created a new category of voters, the Anti-Republicans.

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    i would possibly support bobby jindal...we need someone who is a conservative and not afraid to tell anyone about it..someone who will out and tell everyone that if they dont go to work to not expect a handout and if they are they can crawl on into the ditch and wither because tax payers will NOT pay for their lazy butts anymore, we will NOT pay for abortions, we will NOT support gay marriage, we will NOT keep buying foreign oil but instead drill here and drill now, we will NOT support extreme going green schemes dreamed up by Al Gore and his democrats..we are for recycling, etc but we will NOT force people to drive a prius, we will NOT bailout ireesponsible businesses that went bankrupt due to their own decisions, we will NOT support national healthcare, we WILL supprt people right to keep and bear arms, we WILL take care of ANYONE who poses a threat to this great nation and its freedom, we WILL eliminate half lefty half righty people from our party and restore it to the old school conservative principals that it once had!!!

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    I agree with Steel Rain. they need to Stop acting like Democrats.

    stand on Conservative values

    support the Constitution

    lower taxes

    eliminate the IRS and the Federal Reserve Bank

    try Obama and the current democrats in congress for TREASON

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    Romney or Megg Whitman

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    Become Democrats.

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    Stop acting like Democrats.

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    The way Obama is going.. the Republican will just have to show up and they will get elected.

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    Good luck on that. I don't think restricting the party to fewer and fewer people who are increasingly dogmatic is going to help. Say good bye to the Republican party.

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    Nominate someone who represents the Constitution and conservative values and who will attack Obama where he needs to be attacked. I think Mitt Romney is the perfect candidate.

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