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I need some kind of inspiration. I am dieting and would like to just stop. Any suggestions?

I used to be thin. As a matter of fact, when my kids were little, I weighed about 130 lbs. Somewhere along the way I lost my figure and got up to 250. I dont know where all this weight came from. I love food. I like to eat it, prepare it, experiment with it and have friends and family over for huge meals, but while I am starting this new lifestyle, I cant even eat an oreo cookie without counting the points. Why cant I be just like I used to be? I remember when I never thought about food and used to not worry about drinking a coke or having a cupcake. I used to eat a double burger at the local fast food joint and didnt worry about the calories. Now I am freaking out trying to figure out how many points are in the supper I had this evening earlier. I obsess about fat, carbs and calories. What happened? Why did I change? How did my weight get away from me? Is it going to help me lose a bunch of weight if I cannot make it a permanent change. I love food. I like to eat it and not think about it every hour of every day. Can you inspire me?

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    Try not to count the calories as much. A diet should just be a lifestyle change, not torture. Try to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, even if its just power walking. As for food, don't cut everything out. It wont hurt to veer off your diet every once in a while when you have company over. Dont be afraid to have an occasional glas sof wine or a soda. Eating healthy doesnt mean you have to eat gross foods. Try to cut down on portion sizes and use natural ingredients in your cooking.

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