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Why do we have lawns?

The obscurity of having a lawn in modern time still boggles my mind. Why the hell do we have lawns? Maintenance cost and all these just sky rocketed during summer season. That is not to say it also takes in more water from the local municipal. On top of that, having a lawn also invites pest like ants, worms, spiders, and other insects. In addition to a bad economy it just doesn't make any logical sense. I'm seriously thinking of buying this product from this site: Whoever invented the lawn is a F**king moron!

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    We have lawns so we can use up all the city's water supply! We have lawns so we can watch ants, worms, spiders, and other insects crawl all over it, that of which makes no sense at all. And mostly, we have lawns so people like you who are bored with life, can come on here and ***** about it, which is the real mind boggling part!

    ...Billy Ray

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    I am slowly turning my "lawn" (I have 1 acre of land) into a naturalized no-mow landscape. I avoid herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, and I choose plants that require minimal care. I use composted steer manure (from my mother's farm) for fertilizer, and I water using my own well water.

    My neighbors are constantly applying pre-emergent and emergent (whatever that is), herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and then watering their lawn so they have to mow it and then start all over again. Their lawn looks gorgeous, but their herbicide runoff killed every goldfish in my little pond last year after a heavy rain. I had to drain my pond, scrub and bleach the lining by hand, and start all over.

    When I mow, I usually use my non-gas "reel" mower--the old fashioned kind that you have to push.

    Yes, I agree that velvety-green lawns are an overrated status symbol. I get more positive comments on my naturalized yard (just from people driving by) than anyone on my block gets on their green-velvet grass.

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    Here's a story I've heard many times concerning this: In years past, people had lawns in order to allow their animals to graze and feed. Then as countries prospered, having a lawn without animals was a sign of wealth (people unnecessarily owning and maintaining lawns not because they had to, but because they wanted to).

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    what boggles my mind is why you even ask this question. if you don't want to water it then don't, then after it dies just lift out the sod and put in a rock garden or gravel or maybe just cement it over and park your car there.

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    I ask myself that everyday. It is such a waste of money and effort and resources. Add all the losers that spray with chemicals to keep it weed free and fertilized and UGH!

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    I don't get it either, I guess its for the looks or whatever. It makes more sense to plant thing like vegetables, fruit, or something that actually give something back.

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    We have lawns so that people can let their dogs **** in it and not pick it up...

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