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Pregnant with a slight concern about weight. Was anyone in this situation?

I am 13 weeks along and going to the doctor this week. At my first appointment when I gave the nurse my height and pre-pregnancy weight she put me in the overweight catagory and told me I can't gain more than 20 pounds. With the height and weight I gave her my BMI was 25.1, only .2 over the normal weight category. I've been really worked up about this because i'm a very healthy person, athletic and naturally have a very large bust (which I think muscle and a large chest adds on unfair pounds when it comes to BMI scales). Now, since i've been upset about this my husband measured me and i'm actually 1" taller than I told the nurse. I haven't had my height taken since I was a freshman in high school so i've always gone by this height. With the new measurement my BMI drops to 24.1. I'm going to tell the nurse but I don't want them to think i'm stupid and want to gain this extra weight for no reason. I just don't want to get harped at for gaining weight that my body naturally needs and wants while i'm pregnant. I eat extremely healthy and workout a few days a week. Anyone else feel trapped by the numbers the doctors give you? What did they say to you about weight gain?

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    Thankfully I have an amazing doctor. And I'll be the first to admit that I'm chunky. My doctor told me that I would gain anywhere between 15 and 40 pounds. I get weighed every time I go in. So far, they aren't concerned. So neither am I.

    I think that maybe you might want to talk to them about it. Because frankly, even eating right and exercising ... if you're baby makes you gain more weight, then you do. You don't diet during pregnancy. I'm sure they are just concerned for your health ... but I think by putting such a hard limit on it might not be so healthy for your head.

    Good luck.

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