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What is an easy way to get alot of points without a limit?

I really want to be a level 2 so i can rate but i need over 100 points and im on my last Question or answer until about 5:30 am



P.S: First Good answer gets best answer

Update 2:

also heheheh uh, im new so, how can i make somone the best answer?

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    Level 2 starts at 250 points.

    All levels can pick a best answer to questions they ask and can vote for best answer on others' undecided questions. Once you hit level 2 & get the ability to 'rate', the only difference in the levels is the daily limits on questions, answers, comments, votes, etc.

    Levels 2 and up can 'rate' the answers of other Y!A users. Rating = giving Thumbs Up & Down to express your opinion of other peoples' answers. No points are involved (unless a best answer has TUs, then they get 1 point for each TU up to 50) in rating, and thumbs do not determine the Best Answer selection.


    answer your limit of questions each day (2 points each)

    get an answer selected as best answer (10 points each)

    pick a best answer for your question (3 points)

    vote your limit of unresolved questions each day (1 point each)

    you also get a point a day for signing in

    each question costs 5 points, so ask sparingly

    Your Y!A day starts at midnight US Pacific time because that's where Yahoo is based.

    four hours after you ask your question, if you go to your question, a little 'select as best answer' button appears by each answer. any time between then & when the question expires, click on the one you like best.


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    Your questions and answers reset at midnight not 5:30.

    To get the most points.

    The biggest way to get points fast is every once in a while go through all of your questions and look for ones that are in voting and vote for a best answer, you will get 4 points for each one you vote for. 1 Point for voting and 3 points for your question being resolved. If you vote no best answer you will get a total of 5 points.

    1. Try searching for questions instead of asking them. Will save you 2 points after your question is resolved and 5 points before your question is resolved.

    2. Answer more questions, try to go for best answer. 2 Points for answer, 10 for best answer.

    3. Pick a best answer on the questions you ask. 3 Points You still get 3 points if your question goes to vote.

    4. You can also vote on answers when you have run out of everything else to do. 1 Point

    5. And definatly try to not get reported, you lose 10 points if you are accuratetly reported, -10 for violation and -2 for deletion of an answer.

    To choose a best answer for your question you must wait around 4 and a half hours after you have asked the question. Then underneath each answer it will say choose as best answer. You can also put the question to vote if you have at least 2 answers, just click on edit. If no best answer wins the vote then 5 points are returned to the person who asked the question and the question is deleted. If you delete your own question yourself you get no points back.

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    Well you know what, here is an easy way to get easy points. Try voting on undecided questions, if you are on level one there is an easy points right there, and then you answer your daily limit of questions for another 40 points plus the 1 point for logging in equals 61 points for the day. In three days you will have 183 points, try it.

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    You can go and do some voting. 1 point for each vote.

    But... being a level 1, you will be able to only put in 20 votes. But it all helps!

    There are short cuts in Y!A. It takes time to get points. But be patient. We all have been there and done that.


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