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Things to know on a raw vegan diet?

I'm fourteen, and I've been considering this for a long time. I'm not just going to dive into it- I've been researching it, and reading websites and books on how to do it healthy. I'm going to Whole Foods and GNC tomorrow to get the necessary foods and vitamins/supplements.

Is there anything you think I should know about this lifestyle? I'm involved in sports (cross country, track and field, dance, wakeboarding), and I'm concerned about feeling tired the first few weeks in. How did you feel when you first started the diet?

By the way, I've been vegetarian for years if that helps.

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    I'm Fruitarian :]

    Well, depending on how you go raw, and what you've eaten before, the beginning stages could be bad. If you go cold turkey, there's no doubt that you'll probably detox. Your body will flush itself out while repairing itself at the same time. You'll feel restless, and physically/mentally exhausted 24/7. You'll feel as if you lack energy and sports might be tough; probably tough actually.

    As for protein, you don't really need it. People have been brainwashed that you need protein. Do they even know what protein is? It's a chain of amino acids, amino acids that are found abundantly in plants and fruit. If you still feel that you need protein, eat broccoli. 300 calories of broccoli will supply you with over 20 grams of protein, something meat cannot do.

    When I went Fruitarian from Vegan, I detoxed, and it wasn't like I ate bad prior. Cooked food is toxic, and your body's going to have to empty itself of those toxins. I'd suggest eating more fruit than vegetables though, after all, we are frugivores. It's been scientfically proven through our ancestry, and our closest relatives, the chimpanzee's, are frugivores. Gorilla's, our second closest relative, are as well frugivores. You can live off being a raw foodist, and you'll eventually stop detoxing. Once that happens, you'll have all the energy you need.

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    ...sugar doesn't make you fat. Eating more calories than you burn makes you gain body fat. Fruits and vegetables have low calories, therefore, you're more likely to lose weight unless you eat a lot more than you currently do, eventually you're going to need a lot more than you do right now if you want to stay a raw vegan, I know, I've tried, and am still trying(though admittedly I have 0 will power, right now wondering how I managed to go vegan). Edit: Wow, I'm amazed at all the people here who know about 80/10/10 raw vegan and support it, I used to be pretty much the only one who mentioned it in my yahooanswers answers, maybe I could have stuck with it if I had more support. Got a bag of grapes in the fridge, think I know what I'll be having for breakfast. ^.^

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    Regarding the raw vegan diet, I would personally avoid it as too restricted (I am a vegetarian but not vegan), but in the end it comes down to personal choice. I would rather have a wider range of food choices (and hot meals!) than rely on a host of food supplements, which can be damaging in excessive quantities.

    Actually, Jenna, you are wrong. I have provided a link below to the NHS website which acknowledges the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. We don't NEED meat, you just want to eat meat. As long as you follow a healthy vegetarian diet featuring seeds for omega oils and iron-rich vegetables such as spinach and broccolli you will get all the nutrients you need. Vegetarianism also hugely reduces your carbon footprint, and so, coupled with sourcing local vegetables, is much better for the environment that meat-eating. You are sadly misinformed.

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    I think the aforementioned answers are from uneducated opinions. I am a bit older than you, 23, but I am also a dancer, skydiver, runner, etc. and I have been a Vegan for quite a while now and I can honestly say I have never felt better. I have much more energy than before.

    Truth is, you actually don't NEED meat. If you do adequate research you will discover all the added things to meat are actually detrimental to our health and consequently cause meat eaters to die 7-10 years quicker than vegs/vegans. It just makes sense to eat things that the earth provides...

    I started off as a vegetarian and have slowly worked my way into vegan. It is something that I do not recommend doing overnight, but gradually over time. I think you will actually enjoy it very much. If you do not have time to truly prepare your own meals... this can be quite a difficult lifestyle to accomplish because I can assure you that the restaurant industry does not cater to healthy people.

    My advice is to properly research and make your own decisions. Remember, you do NOT need meat to survive. If you pay close attention to the items you ingest, then you will see you are actually getting healthy proteins from all the veggies you consume. If you feel the need to substitute meat, tofu, tempeh and soy burgers are a few of my favorite (all very high in protein, with no chemcials and no harm to animals).

    I surely hope this helps and clears up the bad advice you were given before. Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!!!!!

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    Why do you want to go raw?

    Most people do it to cope with chronic illnesses.

    Also, most raw foodists don't take vitamins/supplements.

    But feeling tired isn't something you should worry about. The first thing people notice after going raw is the surge of energy.

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    A raw vegan diet at 14.... No, No, and by the way, NO!!! You are an athlete, how do you expect to get your protein? Being a vegetarian is ok, but vegan no, and raw vegan, NO!!!!

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    Hun, Why do u wanna do this? You NEED meat. I mean, yes I have considered going vegan many times then I thought about it and it wasn't worth it. It really is bad for your health. You get necessary proteins from meat products and I think being a vegan is more trouble than it is worth. In the long run(proven fact), vegans/vegetarians die sooner than meat eaters. Please think about this and don't do that to yourself. If you must though, take protein supplements. Talk to your parents and your doctor. Thanks and god bless. Have a lovely day(night!)



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