I have been having dreams of dead people trying to attack me:(?

Ok this has only been going on for about a week now. It started off when my mom told me about a week ago that i should help my grandpa clean out his jacuzzi. I told her no theres probablly really grose things in it. Then that night i had a dream that i was getting in the clean jacuzzi. and this dead girl tried to grab me from underneath a bench.

The next day my mom told me about the break ins that have been going on around my town. durring that day there was a college student that came to our door and i was going to open the door, but my mom told me not to because he could be a robber. So that night i had a dream that my mom opened the door to this man who walked closer to inside, and said i just want to let you know the people across the street ust got murdered. and i said mom close that door he's the murderer.

The next day my mom told me "you know amanda someone can just break into your window. And i always forget to close my blinds at night. That night i had a dream that i woke up and this man was peeking threw my window. (that was in the dream) then i really woke up and my blinds were closed. I can't say for sure that i shut my blinds but i know i pretty much always forgett to close them.

Then i had a dream where this guy broke in threw my window and he was trying to kill me. i ran to my brothers room to grab him and then i tried to run back upstairs but i felt like i was running faster then i was but because i was so scared of this man chassing me i was actually running pretty slow. and he shot me 3 times, then i saw the polic come and everything, and woke up after that.

1. can you help me get rid of these dreams

2. I'm 5 weeks pregnant and don't know yet weather i should keep it or not. So i'm wondering weather this has something to do with it or not.

3. Can you tell me why i'm haveing these dreams.

PLEASE help me. I'm scared to go to sleep at night because i'm scared of having these crazy scary dreams.


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    I have dreams of Zombie attacks all the time. You might want to pray before bed. and Tell your mom to stop telling you these things. Your probably having these dreams because it is still in the back of your head when your mom sayst these things. If you got a tv in your room, put a movie on...like a comedy, or a Disney. 40 yr old Virgin might help. Make sure you lock everything up. put a note up somewhere noticable saying to close blinds. put a bat next to your bed or something. But to help with dreams...I recommend watching a funny movie until you fall asleep. Put the sleeper on your tv. and turn it low so you can still watch it and fall asleep with no noise disturbing you.

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    1. Listen to some soothing music or watch some funny videos to have yourself rid of this stress and agony. I'm sure you're just paranoid from the stories that your mom informed you about. By the way, these dreams can happen to ANYONE and you should not fret about it. If you feel very distressed, feel free to talk to someone about it; ie a friend or your mom(that way she might think twice about telling you scary things like this). You sound like you really need someone to lean on - it might take some weight off of you. When you go to bed, occupy yourself with a romance novel to get your mind cleansed and off of any upcoming nightmares. As long as you're not panicked and afraid at night. I know I'm not a dream interpreter but I know if you're thinking about the daily things in your life too much, it may recur in your dreams. Just believe that dreams are not real and it might seem like there's a connection in your life --but that's only because you have something inside of you that's troubling you.

    Do exercise: Anger can be relieved with a refreshed spirit and mind so why not fear? Shake it out of you.

    2. I really should be doing something else right now like looking for things to buy on ebay but I just can't leave you like this, so the answer for this question is KEEP THE BABY. Unless you have too much trauma in your life and financial instability.. talk to your parents about your soon to be newborn. It really is your decision but you can be influenced by other people's perspectives and opinions.

    3. I believe it's just a recurrence of events that's messing with your head. If you can soon be back to normal living your daily life as it was then I'd see no problem to it. Go have some fun instead of thinking about it so much. If you have to forget about some of the issues you're having right now, go on, make yourself some popcorn.

    Good luck, stay optimistic.

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    1- Your about to have a baby and you still live with your mom.

    #2- Your hormones are way jacked up.

    #3- You dont know how to make your own decisions.

    #4- You have know idea that all your problems currently stem from you

    Dude you need to get your crap together. I can tell by the way you talk that your not that old. In the adult world where people take good care of their children and work at least 5 days a week, you currently dont fit in. You need to be stressed out.

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    You kinda have a problem. To get rid of the dreams you have to find the problem, the problem is your scared, the only way to not be scared is to face them but you can't because you'll end up dying so your right back where you started, well try just forgetting about it all. Just try to relax. Usually when your pregnant you have weird dreams, buy a dream catcher, they work for some people, though they give me nightmares, it does the exact opposite for my next door neighbor. (we both have one) so you could try it. Good luck!

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    Dreams of death signify news of a birth according to dream interpretation. Dreams of being dead yourself mean an approaching release from all your worries. Don't know what the killing dream means. Your death dreams will most likely not end until you actually give birth. Maybe your dream is trying to tell you not to worry because the baby will be fine.

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    I had a dream that my whole school was going fishing and they made fun of my reel cause it kept on tangling the next day i went fishing and had no problems with my reel so dreams are mostly 'worried' feelings and they don't usually directly predict the future. And keep the baby.

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    Holy Skittles!

    I had a dream similar to that just last night.. it was pretty creepy.

    I'm guessing I watch too many movies.

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    It means to be more careful be aware of your surroundings just say a prayer everything will be ok

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    mkayy.. maybe the baby is makin you have those dreams cus you might give IT away!

    i dont blame the baby!

    poor thing

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    1 decade ago

    Watch spongebob before you go to bed :)

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