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how bad is ice methamphetamine and effects?

i know people who want to try it, how bad is it and how long does it last etc

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    its horrible. it fcuked up my life for 5 years

    its a great high, but you get so caught up in it, so quickly so i'd advise never doing it. the effects last anywhere between 2 to 24 hours followed by a horrible comedown which lasts about 12 hours

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    I have done it. Sure, it is bad for your health. But some people don't care about that... It lasts about 8 hours. Everything feels great and perfect and you get so happy. Everything seems fast and you have so much energy. The comedown is horrible though with bad headaches and body aches and depression and you want to sleep so bad but can't.

    It's a great feeling and very easy to get addicted. You need a lot of self control or it can take over your life.

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    Don't try it.... it's expensive, takes over your life, and can kill you if you take even slightly more than your supposed to, (what that limit is...not sure), but you asked so... It doesn't last too long, decent time i guess, and it makes you more alert and focused on completing tasks, (ex. reading a book, it will make you crazy about finishing that Damned BOOK!!!). It also increases your urgency for sex...But take an overdose and the neurotoxins will turn you into a vegetable... and the urgency for sex can cause ripping and tearing,(Ouch!!), and increases the chances of HIV and AIDS...

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