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is there a setting to not minimize the IM window while using a web page?

when using the Messenger and having a web page there a setting for the messenger to stay up while im working on the other page?

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  • Mike S
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    very good question but what i do is when i am working on another page i click the messenger top right button which will make it disappear from the window but will keep me logged in as well ...that way if i do get a person who wants to chat the window will open while i am on another page working....when you click the red upper'll get a message stating your still signed in but the window will close and you will still be able to receive messages....hope this helps............................Mike

    Source(s): PS: the Smiley Face at the bottom icon tray near the clock will stay yellow with the smile until you go back and sign out...
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    I do not understand really because my Yahoo Messenger does not minimize when I am using other programs or surfing the web unless I choose to minimize it to my taskbar. It just gets covered up by my active window. If you do not want Yahoo Messenger to get covered up by active windows you can choose in Preferences, General Category to keep Yahoo Messenger on top of other applications. But that can get annoying very fast because it will always be on top of everything you are doing unless you have large enough screen to move it to the side.

    Be sure to not have in Preferences, General Category set to Remove the taskbar button when you minimize the main window.

    Preferences are located in the Messenger menu at the top of Y!M. I am sorry if I do not understand what you are asking. Perhaps you could add additional details.

  • dawe
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