Inkjet vs. Laser Printer? Which is better for periodic use?

I am debating whether to buy a color inkjet or B&W laser printer.

I've heard that the inkjet cartridge will dry up if not used frequently.

On the other hand a friend of mine told me that he bought a laser printer for personal use and it also got dried up when kept idle.

The inkjet printer is cheaper.

My use will be minimum and speed and is not an issue.

Any recommendations? Thanks!

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    I print a lot of documents for school, resumes, mapquests, guitar tabs.. The laser is ideal for me because everything I ever want to print is text-based. I have a Brother HL-2040. It prints graphics in monochrome quite crisply, so coupons and such turn out excellent without the color.

    Also, inkjet printers from my experience (especially "affordable" ones) print graphics at really low quality, use up ink really quickly, or both! The annual cost of ink cartridges add up to a lot more than the occasional laser toner cartridge. If I need to print something in color, which come to think of it is only once in a blue moon, I ask a friend if I can use their inkjet.

    Basically, if you realize that most things that you'll print don't need to be in color, get the laser printer for sure.

    Source(s): personal experience w/ inkjets and laser printers
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    First off Inkjet are cheaper BUT the cost of ink and inkjet paper is much greater than for a laser. Inkjets need frequent cartridge changes when used in comparison with sheets of paper used. Lasers have a much larger toner supply tank so frequency of change may be only once a year as compared to inkjets 5-6 times a year. Most people brake down cost of ether into "cost per page" lasers are about 12-15 cents PP while an inkjet is more like 17-28 cents PP.depending on how many Pictures you print!

    Ink cartridges can dry out..BUT its more likely the ink drys around the nozzle holes that give poor printing. Be the same token..toner is a power not an can draw in moisture from the air and cause the powder to harden up so you get blotches and streaky prints. Shaking the cartridge can often fix that! All in all if your not interested in color...get the laser!

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    I would just go with inkjet. If you dont care about quality then it doesnt matter since there really isnt that much difference. I have an hp printer and its amazing but mine is used for photos also but none the less, I think the quality of my printer is actually better than a laser printer when printing out just word documents.

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    Best Printer For Occasional Use

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    Laser printers use toner, not ink. Toner doesn't "dry up" - it is like a fine powder. I very much doubt ink-based printers dry up, either.

    Unless you're going to frequently print in colour, get a monochrome laser. It's both faster and cheaper in the long run.

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    Your friend does not know what he's talking about. Inkjet printers dry out because of liquid ink. Laser printers use Toner [powder] which does not dry up. If you do not use the printer daily, I suggest you get a Laser. I bought a Samsung CLP-300 on sale for $128 at Office Depot. Be on the lookout for sales.

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