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r&p is your Avatar and Yahoo nickname music related?

is your Avatar and Yahoo nickname music related??? how and why??

bq: wat was the last song you listend to???

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    Yeah, partly.

    'Blood Sugar Sex Magik' is one of RHCP's albums, just changed for my name.

    My avatar is just me though, so no.

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    My nickname is from a Smashing Pumpkins song.

    My avatar is Olivia Stone of The Oohlas.

    I think it was The Twistinside by Everclear.

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    Of course

    My avatar is Skwisgaar Skwigelf from Dethklok.

    Needless to mention my nickname is Dethklok Rules.

    Dethklok - The Lost Vikings.

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    My avatar is a picture of the vocalist/lead guitarist of Children Of Bodom and my nickname is the title of a song by Sentenced

    A song by Sonata Arctica (can't remember which one)

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  • My name is Michelle, but the "Your Belle" is from the "my Belle" part of the song Michelle by the Beatles lol.

    The RCRC part is an inside joke with two of the coolest people in the whole world hehe XP

    and the ♥P&M means that I love Poppy and Magic, because they are my mum and pop and I wubb them, that's all there is to it :-D

    My avatar is music related I's me, but I took it while i was singing and shakin' my hair around to My Generation by the Who lol.

    Soooo there you go!

    Cool question!

    BA: Instinct Blues by the White Stripes

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    Well, mine is sort of related to music. The "Jaymz" part comes from how James Hetfield from Metallica signs his name on autographs and stuff. The "Krueger" part comes from Freddy Krueger.

    bq: Only the best song ever written and recorded: Master of Puppets, by Metallica =-D

  • Yes my avatar is Nirvana one of my favorite bands.

    And well my name thing is Rock Is My Obsession, cause well it is hahah. And the RCRC part is an inside joke with some people on here.

    BQ: Daughter-Pearl Jam

  • My avatar is of me, because I was sick and tired of been thought of as a male lol, I had to show everyone I was a woman! My user name is one of my all time favourite albums, Wrath Of The Tyrant by my fave band, Emperor.

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    Well only a face as angelic as I have can be married to a name that sounds as soothing as mine.\

    By the way, in case didn't know, I am Bret Michaels, of the famed and widely glorified band Poison.

    BA: Nothin' But A Good Time- Poison

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    My avatar is artwork from Psycroptic and Half my nickname is from the band "decrepit birth" and "dactyl" is from "terradactyl" , i do alot of death screams(and since terradactyls do the same)Soo... me and my friend came up with "Decrepidactyl"

    Bq:Silence calls the storm by Quo vadis (listening to it right now)

  • Yes. My nickname is what it is because my favorite band is Nirvana. & My avatar is actually a close-up picture of Kurt Cobain playing his guitar. :P

    BQ: "Like A Stone" - Audioslave

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