Baby boy and Girl Names! This or That!?

The format is GIRL, GIRL, or Girl///Boy, Boy, or Boy.

Pick ONE for each, and NEITHER is not a choice. If you hate all three, pick the one you hate least. Feel free to change spellings, and to leave comments. THIS IS NOT FOR MY BABY, JUST FOR FUN!

Alyssa, Allison, or Aaliyah///Aiden, Adam, or Alexander

Bailey, Brielle, or Belle///Brock, Brody, or Bradley

Callie, Cassandra, or Courtney///Callum, Caden, or Colton

Delaney, Danielle, or Destiny///Damian, Devan, or Derick

Ella, Erin, or Elise///Elijah, Ethan, or Elliot

Francesca, Faith, or Felicia///Frank, Farley, Fernando

Grace, Ginger, or Giselle///Garret, Gage, or Giovanni

Hannah, Hope, or Hazel///Hayden, Hudson, or Hanson

Isabelle, Isla, or Isadora///Ian, Ivan, or Isaac

Jordana, Jordan, or Jennifer///Jackson, Joshua, or James

Kallie, Katarina, Katherine///Kaden, Kaleb, or Kalvin

Lisa, Lily, or Leah///Landon, Logan, or Lucas

Mackenzie, Madelyn, or Michaela///Michael, Mason, or Matthew

Noelle, Nicole or Nevaeh///Nicholas, Noah, or Nathaniel

Ophelia, Odelle, or Olivia///Owen, Oliver, or Oscar

Penelope, Prudence, or Paige///Payton, Phoenix, or Paul

NO Q's

Rachael, Rachelle, or Ray///Raul, Ryan, or Robert

Samantha, Sadie, or Savannah///Seth, Spencer, or Shawn

Tabitha, Talia, or Tatum///Tristian, Trent, or Trey


Victoria, Vivienne or Valerie///Victor, Vincent or Vinny

Willa, Willow, or Wilma///Walter, William, or Walt


Yesenia, Yvette, or Yolanda///Yardley, York or Yohan

Zahara, Zariah, or Zoey///NO BOY Z'S

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Alison and Aidan

    Bailey and Brody

    Courtney and Callum (my brothers name:)

    Danielle and Damien

    Ella and Ethan

    Francesca and Frank

    Grace and Garret

    Hannah and Hayden

    Isabelle and Isaac

    Jennifer and Jackson

    Kallie and Kaleb (I prefe Caleb)

    Leah and Lucas

    Madelyn and Mason

    Nicole and Noah

    Olivia and Owen

    Paige and Payton

    Rachel and Ryan

    Savannah and Seth

    Talia and Tristan

    Victoria and Vincent

    Willow and William

    Yvette and York

    Zoe (and can I say Zackary?)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Alison Aiden

    Bailey Brody

    Calie Callum

    Delaney Derrek

    Ella Ethan

    Faith Farley

    Giselle Garret

    Hannah Hayden

    Isabelle Ian

    Jordan James

    Kallie Kaden

    Lily Landon

    Madelyn Mason

    Noelle Noah

    Olivia Owen

    Paige Paul

    Rachel Ryan

    Sadie Sean

    Tatum Trent

    Victoria Vinny

    Willow William

    Yesenia York


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    No Q's




    No U's



    No X's


    Zahara/No Boy Z's

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago



    Courtney, Callum

    Danielle, Damien

    Elise (although spelt Elyse), Elliot

    Francesca, Frank

    Grace, Giovanni

    Hazel, Hayden

    Isabelle (although spelt Isabel), Ian

    Jennifer, Joshua

    Katherine, Kalvin

    Lisa, Lucas

    Michaela, Matthew

    Noelle, Noah

    Olivia, Oliver

    Paige, Payton

    Rachelle (spelt Rachel), Robert

    Sadie, Shawn

    Talia, Tristian

    Valerie, Victor

    Willow, Walter

    Yvette, York


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  • 1 decade ago

    Allison / Alexander

    Brielle / Brody

    Cassandra / Caden

    Delaney / Damien

    Ella / Elijah

    Faith / Farley

    Grace / Gage

    Hannah / Hudson

    Isabelle / Isaac

    Jennifer / Joshua

    Katheryn / Kaden

    Lily / Lucas

    Madelyn / Michael

    Nicole / Noah

    Olivia / Oliver

    Paige / Paul

    Rachel / Ryan

    Savannah / Spencer

    Talia / Tristan

    Victoria / Vincent

    Willow / William

    Yvette / York


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Aaliyah / Aiden

    Brielle / Brody

    Callie / Caden

    Destiny / Devin

    Ella / Elliot

    Francesca / Fernando

    Grace / Gage

    Hazel / Hudson

    Isla / Ian

    Jordana / Jackson

    Katarina / Kaden

    Lily / Landon

    Micaela / Mason

    Nevaeh / Noah

    Olivia / Owen

    Paige / Payton

    Ray / Ryan

    Savannah / Spencer

    Talia / Tristian

    Vivienne / Vincent

    Willow / William

    Yesenia / York


  • hunt
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    1 decade ago

    Alia / Adam

    Belle / Brody

    Danielle / Derek

    Ella / Elliot

    Faith / Farley (all of these names are pretty bad)

    Giselle / Garret

    Hope / Hudson

    Isabelle / Ivan

    Jordan / Joshua

    Katherine / Kaden

    Leah / Lucas

    Madelyn / Michael

    Noelle / Noah

    Olivia / Owen

    Paige / Paul

    Rachel / Ryan

    Savannah / Seth

    Tabitha / Tristan

    Vivienne / Vincent

    Willa / William

    Yolanda / York


    for q you could use Quilla, Quentin, Quincy

    for x you could use Xylia

    no u suggestions

  • 1 decade ago

    Alyssa and Alexander

    Brielle and Brody

    Cassandra (Cassie) and Callum

    Danielle and Derick (spelled Derek)

    Ella and Ethan

    Faith and Frank

    Giselle (spelled Gisele) and Garrett

    Hope and Hudson

    Isabelle and Ian

    Jordan and James

    Kallie and Kaleb

    Lily and Logan

    Madelyn and Matthew

    Noelle and Nathaniel

    Olivia and Owen

    Paige and Paul

    Ray (spelled Rae) and Ryan

    Savannah and Shawn (spelled Sean)

    Talia and Trey

    Victoria and Vincent

    Willa and William

    Yvette and York


    btw, the N's were soooo hard. other than nevaeh, i adore all of those names equally, the boys were especially hard - it was a total toss up between noah and nathaniel haha


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Aaliyah and Alexander(alex for short)

    Brock and Brielle

    Colton and Cassandra

    Delaney and Devan

    Ella and Ethan

    Faith and Farley

    Grace and Garrett

    Hannah and Hudson

    Isabelle and Ivan

    Jordana and Jackson

    Katarina and Kaleb

    Leah and Logan

    Mackenzie and Mason

    Noah and Neveah(some friends of ours have kids w/ these names! :)

    Olivia and Owen

    Paige and Payton

    Rachael and Ryan

    Sadie and Seth

    Talia and Tristian

    Vivienne and Vinny

    Willow and Walt

    Yvette and York

    Zoey and Zach, for a boy, sorry i just thought of it.

    Source(s): idk i like these names :)
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Allison /// Alexander

    Bailey /// Brody

    Callie /// Callum

    Danielle /// Devon

    Erin /// Elijah

    Francesca /// Frank

    Grace /// Garrett

    Hannah /// Hudson

    Isabelle /// Isaac

    Jordan /// James

    Katherine /// Kaleb

    Lily /// Lucas

    Mackenzie /// Matthew

    Noelle /// Nicholas

    Olivia /// Owen

    Paige /// Paul

    Rachel /// Ryan

    Samantha /// Seth

    Talia /// Trent

    Victoria /// Victor

    Willow /// William

    Yvette /// Yohan

    Zoe /// Zachary

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