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Need girl help, i cant live like this?

Theres this girl tht ive had a crush on for over 2 years, weve been in a class to geter all year with only 26 kids all together, its a private school, and we both kno eachother very well, she thinks im a retard because i cant act normal around her, im rely nice im not trying to brag but im not tht bad looking eather, i like totalt love her and would do anything for her, i dream about her frequently and i cant get her voice out of my head, i cant stand to look at her and realize she doesnt like me because she doesnt kno me, this it driving me crazy please help than you (also sges extreamly hott and the daughter of an mlb 5 time all star pitcher)

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    Hey Fred,

    Its good that you are being nice to her and behave like a gentleman around her. Be very careful on what personality you portray infront of her. If you are really mad about her, stop being too submissive/attentive to her. It may sound counter intuitive to you, but it all depends on the personality of that girl. She may be into someone who is macho, or who lays their own rules etc (which I can never know). But try to understand her from her behavior or her interests.

    People usually take others for granted if the person is too submissive etc.

    I have more to say, but no time.... good luck

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    Wow... u sound.... kinda creepy... and obsessed... haha XD That's a problem! I think ur trying too hard. She's amazing... and she probably knows it.. and u drooling over her is not helping. I think u need to give her some space and maybe not talk to her a couple of weeks. That will take her down a notch or two. & will make her realize that u can give her space and that maybe... she misses ur friendship. After the weeks are over, take her out on a couple of dates so she can get to know u. Then u'll get more comfortable with each other and talking and hanging out will become easy.. then u can tell her u love her and by that time, she'll feel the same way too. Take baby steps!

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    If you can't act normally around her, then maybe try expressing yourself with a letter (Not an email or text, letters are much more personal). Tell her that you think she's amazing and explain to her why you can't help but act like an idiot in front of her. Talk about what kind of guy you really are and some of the things you like, etc. Being sincere with a girl you like can be a risky maneuver, but you can't win the lottery if you don't take a gamble.

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    Get to know her. Ask her to come to a party or to a movie and hang out. Show her the real you. Worry about making her a friend first and then let her know how you feel. Just telling her out of the blue how you feel might creep her out a little if you have never hung out or anything even though I am sure you are a great kid. When the time is right to let her know or give her a smooch you will know and it won't be so awkward because you will feel more comfortable with her.

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    wow you really like her a whole lot :). well, if you don't ever tell her that you like her you might never have a chance with her. Be confident and tell her how you feel (but not everything!) just tell her that you like her and invite her out with you. it could be somewhere your interested in or a place you think she will be interested in. Don't worry about rejection...just face the fear and ask her :) try to get to know her as a friend (the more you get to be friends the more comfortable you will be around her...its normal to be nervous when you are around someone or talking to someone that you really like.) 2 years of just having a crush on her has gotten you nowhere so you need to step it up and just tell her you like her and want to hang out :)

    p.s don't think so hard about it.

    Important TIPS:

    dress clean; have good breath; clean shoes; clean nails; smile; be confident; clean shoes; smell good or smell like nothing (just don't smell bad lol)

    for now just focus on being a friend :)

  • Hey hun, This is normal for people to get nervous around their crush... its because we think that that person could never fall for us. We think that they are so much better than we are and therefore instead of acting like our selves we act like a tard trying to be cool. Trying to make them think we are worthy of them.

    But hun the real truth is no one is any better than anyone else. To you she is hot.. to someone else (or even her) you are hot. You just need to build up confidence and ask her to hang out in a group. This is the best way for her to get to know the real you. Once that happened you can move to the hanging out alone in which you will figure out if she likes you or not.

    Good luck!

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    1)You can't type for crap.

    2)You sound like a stalker going after a girl you don't know.

    3)Mhmm sure buddy. Of course she is the daughter of an MLB pitcher.

    4)Get over her, she doesn't like you and you both don't even know each other,you lil creep.

    5)You don't even seem to really care about her. It seems you only want to date herbecause she is hot and supposedly the daughter of an MLB pitcher.

    -also u guys, he said she doesnt like him. so stop telling him to find ways to ask her if the girl likes him or not.

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    Dude TRUST ME go to her and act casual,cool, maybe toss a corny joke or 2 and say sike nah when your done with the joke so she knows u know its I kno it sounds weird but it works. Just because she doesnt know you DOESNT MEAN SHE DOESNT LIKE YOU. I thought the same thing b4 I started talking to this girl that never even looked at me and she hugs me, also I got her number ;) Dud you have 1 life, stop bein a baby and go 4 IT!

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    man up stop playing around and talk to her shes just a person not a goddess whats the worst that could happen she says no big deal there is more out there just don't worry so much. if you cant handle rejection in school then life is going to kill you take the chance or stop complaining

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    Act normal around her.. like pretend its your mission to act like a gentleman. Don't laugh at her if she makes a mistake,have self control,be calm.. think of clouds going past in the sky. Don't over do funniness,natural funiness...and craziness.

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