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How do i convince my mom to let me use tampons?

I am 12 and have had my period for about 8 months. I am going to go on vacation and am gonna be at the beach, but my periods may be coming. When i asked my mom and my sister, they both flipped out and said they didnt want to hear me talk about it again. They believe that if you use a tampon you will not be a virgin anymore. I know that is not true. I also was willing to go to the doctor with my mom and let the doctor convince her, but she refuses to go!!! i really dont want to use them behind her back, but it is so unfair!!! Qhy cant she come to the doctor with me if i am willing to go??? i also think that if i am old enough to have my period i am old enough to wear a tampon.

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    I'm sorry

    thumbs down if you must.

    But with a mom that ignorant there is no reasoning. Just sneak it

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    You are totally right. If you are old enough to manage, have, and understand your period, you are old enough to wear a tampon. I bet your sister uses tampons, even if she denies it. How old is she by the way? Maybe if you talk to just her, you can break her. It's always easier to talk to an older sister, than a straight out adult. Good luck!

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    It seem your more informed and mature about the subject then your mom and since you already wrote what i would of told you i dont know what to tell you. But try looking up some stuff off the internet and showing your mom since she wont go to the doctors.Good Luck

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    you can wear a tampon...it certainly does not mean you will loose your virginity...and that's a decision that only you can make

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    just ask and say it more comfortable to you

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