Going to Wonderland using TTC and GoBus?

my group consist of 10 people(age range: 16-19)

I was wondering if we could buy a 2 day passes? I was told we need atlest 1 adult(20+), but i may have heard wrong.

Also, for the GoBus I was wondering if there is a catch to the group pass. The group pass (from York Mills terminal) is said to cost 16.50(for a max of 5 people) and we can use as many times as we want from the 2 locations (York Mills to Wonderland).

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    okay, I went with my friends, you can be any age, We took the Train into union ($15 for a day pass) then took the subway to york mills ($2.75 per token for the subway) and then we got on the Go bus that goes straight to wonderland, which If i'm right was around $8 for a day pass on the wonderland bus which will pick you up later and take you back to York Mills.

    Your better off paying for everything individually, because it complicates things and is stressful if you don't. It's alot easier knowing everyone has their own ticket, and is good to go.

    Hopefuly that helped.

    Please keep in mind this was last year we did this so the prices could have changed.


  • 1 decade ago

    I can only answer in regards to the GO Bus pass. They price their all-day passes as two single trips. And yep, they are unlimited for that one day, between those two stops.

    If there is a GO terminal near you, you can get all-day pass from your location to Wonderland, you'll just have to make a stopover somewhere.

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    1 decade ago

    Avoid the weekends, all I am saying, aim for Monday-Wednesday, seriously

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