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What weather condition does this sound like?

This isn't like this anymore, but from May 30 to June 16 it was just really overcast here in SoCal. I didn't see the sun except in the morning and in the evening. What does this sound like?

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    There is no name that I know of for this condition. I can tell you what it is that you are seeing.

    The clouds you see in the morning and evening are caused by a layer of the cool and moist air over the Pacific Ocean and is known as the marine layer. Because this marine layer is very moist, a layer of clouds will form on the top part of this marine layer during the cool period of the day. During the afternoon, when the heating from the sun light is the strongest, the air in this layer will start to mix. This mixing action will break up the clouds by mid morning or early afternoon. Once the sun starts to go down during the evening, the air will cool again and the mixing will end. Once the mixing action decreases, the clouds will reform.

    This type of weather condition is very common for the Central and Northern California coastal areas during the warm season, but usually it occurs less often in SoCal.

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    overcast. since the clouds are slowly moving, there was a formation moving over socal and that is why there were random times where there would be sun

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    In Kansas we call them clouds. In California its probably smog.

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