why does these feelings of insecurity just knock me down?

I am ugly and i dont like anything about me my face,my shape,my body,everything i dont think i can name 1 thing i like about me. I get jelous of girls easily and i noticed i cant like get instructions from woman and if a woman or a girl my age cuts me down in any way it hurts me deeply.I feel like i cant acomplish anything in my life and i have dreams for myu life but i know that they will never come true and you know what i feel as if i have no purpose here i put on this fake smile around my parents like im just fine like im not hurting but the truth is i am and it is also my parents that hurt me emotionly!!!

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    Life will knock you down.. You will always feel like a loser.. Start loving yourself.. Easier said than done. Talk to someone.. You could talk to me if you need to.. Message me.. You have dreams so follow them.. You can't let the failure get to your heart.. STAY STRONG!

    Listen to "Life Knocks You Down" Keri Hilson

  • I feel like that sometimes as well - everyone does. Even celebrities. Of course it's hard not to when girls and women these days are surrounded by airbrushed celebrities and tv ads about how we need this product to make our skin more tan, our hair more soft or our eyes brighter. Truth is, beauty is everywhere and inside everyone. Beauty and confidence come from within - possibly one of the most inspiring quotes I have ever heard. It means that you should stop looking to other people you suppose are 'beautiful' and stop listening to what other people (like your parents) tell you about beauty, and realise YOU are beautiful. I don't even have to see you to know that, because everyone is beautiful.

    Listen to some inspiring music like, "The Climb" Miley Cyrus and "Just Stand Up" many artists. Surround yourself with kind, motivational people. Possibly see a therapist. Talk to someone.

    Remember that you are gorgeous, the people you see in magazines aren't really that flawless and that no-matter what others say or look like, they most likely feel just as insecure as you.

    Add me, and you can talk to me if you want someone who won't judge you.

    Hope you feel a little better :)

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    Oh hey it's you again.You know, I know how you feel because I can honestly say I have the same situation.

    I think it's emotionally weak.

    Somebody yelled at me for getting all worked up because my life's been crap but they tell me I have a way better life. They have suffered from loneliness, labor, and who knows what and I have the urge to complain?

    But I can't do that to you. Emotional pain is very deadly. Having friends hurting you is unbearable. But having parents that hurts you is unthinkable. The feeling of all being safe or comfort or protected all goes to loss.

    But hey, you're not the only one. I'm with you sister.

    The thing is, you have to be get stronger.

    My way of doing it is be totally individual. Don't rely on anybody not that you don't trust them, but you have to do this alone. Fight it through alone.

    Sometimes music helps. One song that kinda gets me to stand my ground is "Moonlight Resonance's theme song" It's a Hong Kong drama film that I've managed to like. But the song is very strong.

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    Your attitude makes you unattractive- "what u give is what U get", that sort of thing. Arrange a change of scene- visit your cousins, maybe, join a volunteer group; exercise is a fine destresser by itself, and works to improve your appearance- also lets u meet other people for activities.

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