what are some moderate, but good, chinese artists?

i'm looking for some low-key, and underrated chinese artists that have good songs. i hate overrated guys like jay chou.



haha...by low-key i do not mean male.

low-key as in less known.

and i understand both cantonese and mandarin.

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    depends if you want cantonese or mandarin. i'll come back with a list in a couple of minutes.

    by low-key, i defined it as male. sorry, but don't know many mandarin, but some cantonese sing mandarin


    khalil fong **

    wilbur pan *

    michael wong ***

    chengang yang **

    vanness wu

    shin *

    william so ***


    aaron kwok ***

    alex fong

    andy lau **

    beyond ***

    bosco wong *

    cholam wong **

    deep ng **

    dr.jamie chan ***

    eason chan *

    edmond leung

    eric suen

    hacken lee ***

    hins cheung *

    jan lamb

    jason chan

    jordan chan **

    juno mak

    justin lo **

    kenny kwan

    kevin cheng **

    leo ku ***

    moses chan **


    pakho chau

    raymond lam **

    ron ng

    ronald cheng **

    soler *

    sun boyz *

    vega **

    wilfred lau

    The more * the more i like.

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