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About an inch of hair going up from the nape of my neck is constantly tangled and frizzy. How do I fix it?

The rest of my hair is very manageable, but this little section constantly breaks off and won't stay fixed! I've tried deep conditioning that section, using hair serum, not rubbing my hair dry with a towel, not wearing a pony tail...nothing works! Help please!

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    Olive oil is the best thing I've found for frizzy hair! I have struggled with frizzy type 2C (wavy coarse) hair but almost curly all my life. Now it's seriously smooth and defined! I am so shocked, I just want to get the word out! Just apply it like you would gel to that section of your hair that's giving you trouble; while your hair is still damp; making sure to get the ends really well. (I use a small palm-ful about the size of a quarter around, but that's for my whole head of hair.) Use it for touch-ups on the days you don't wash. After a few washes; you won't need as many applications or as much oil. You'll see! (OH, and if it seems to get too oily ... just wash it, but apply the shampoo to your hair and try to lather a bit before adding water.) I really am just so amazed how well olive oil works. And it is very inexpensive because a little goes a very very long way. I put some in a tiny spritz bottle about 3 inches tall and use that to spray it into my hand a little at a time and I don't have to refill for 6-8 months and that's on my whole head of hair like I said!

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    either ask a hairdresser or try to comb it with a very small width comb

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