Best antivirus and best internet security software (read details)?

So I've read that BitDefender, Kaspersky and VIPRE are all top-notch antivirus software (with Bit and VIPRE being cheaper - good for my budget). Any idea with one I should buy? But then how about a good internet security software? Unless of course the 3 mentioned options have superb internet security?

Opinions about these next ones (paid and unpaid);

Comodo Internet Security 3.8.65951.477 (free net security, or is a paid one a better option?)

Outpost Firewall Free 2009 6.5.2724.381.0687.328 (better than Windows Firewall? Or should I get an AV with a firewall?)

Thanks for any assistance.


I'm not having the bulk of my computer security software be free. 'You get what you paid for' should mean something to you cheap bastards.

Update 2:

I have Norton (owned by Symantec) now but I hopefully have enough money to build my own desktop. I want to have something else aside from Norton using every available resource...

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    Kaspersky has the best detection rate, and it's usually at the top or close on PC World' antivirus software lists. I've heard BitDefender is more CPU intensive and I don't know much about VIPRE, but I'd recommend Kaspersky. They update it HOURLY!

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    Kaspersky has Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 which includes anti-virus. They call it complete security.

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    get avast!

    its free

    and it has a firewall, anti virus and spy ware remover

    i use it its amazing!

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