My little bro got bubble gum wrapped around his head, how do I (unpainfully as possible) get it out?

He has it wrapped around his head like a lasso XD

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    Peanut Butter Method


    Buy "smooth peanut butter". The more oil content in it, the better; usually 51g of fat per 100g of peanut butter. Do not buy those with "crunchy peanuts" as they have less oil content.

    2. Apply peanut butter over the area and mix it in with a toothbrush, as it is quicker and less messy than using fingers.

    3. Use the tooth brush to work the peanut butter in using long strokes down and outwards. If necessary, use a large spoon behind the affected hair to act as a firm base to brush the peanut butter on. If the gum is spread out, use more peanut butter. The whole idea is to dissolve the gum with the oil in the peanut butter.

    4. Use a dry towel to pull on the peanut butter which will come out with the gum. The less dried out the gum, the easier to get it out!

    5. Wash out the peanut butter with a good shampoo. Lather the shampoo in hair well before rinsing it off.

    6. Throw out the tooth brush and the soiled tea towel, or wash the tea towel.

    Hair Mousse Method

    1. Apply as much mousse as you need to cover the entire area that the gum is stuck in.

    2. Use a comb and gently comb the gum out of your hair.'

    Cooking Oil Method

    1. Apply any kitchen cooking oil (olive, canola, vegetable) and apply it to the gum and surrounding hair.

    2. Wait 2 or 3 minutes.

    3. Use a comb and gently comb the gum out of your hair.

    4. Wash your hair with shampoo.

    Ice Method

    1. Ice the gum for about fifteen minutes.

    * It can also help to soak your hair in salt water first. This helps lower the temperature that the ice melts at and therefore makes the gum harder and easier to remove from hair.

    2. Remove the gum. It should be hard enough to pull off after being iced.

    Cold Cream Method

    1. Apply cold cream to the gum and pull it out.

    2. Wash your hair with shampoo.

    Vaseline Method

    1. Spread the Vaseline around the area of the gum.

    2. Take a wide tooth comb and comb the gum and most of the Vaseline out of your locks.

    3. Wash your hair with shampoo. See How to Get Vaseline out of Your Hair.

    Alcohol Method

    1. Rub alcohol in, it should come off in about a minute or so.

    Hand Lotion and Mouth Wash Method

    1. Rub gum-covered area with hand lotion and rinse with mouth wash. Gum should be gone in about 5 minutes.

    Mayonnaise Method

    1. Rub gum-covered area with mayonnaise and rinse.

    Eucalyptus Oil Method

    1. Soak a cotton pad in Eucalyptus oil.

    2. Wipe the pad through the chewing gum - the gum will "melt" off. This also works for chewing gum in carpet and on clothes.

    Adhesive Remover Method

    1. Purchase an adhesive remover (any adhesive remover from medical supply will work).

    2. Rub adhesive remover on area covered in gum with finger.

    3. Wipe off with paper towel. This method also works on clothes and other fabrics.

    WD-40 Method

    1. Spray small amount on fingers.

    2. Rub into hair.

    3. Wipe off with paper towel.

    Chloroform Method

    1. Soften and remove gum using chloroform soaked into a rag, cloth, or paper towel.

    2. Ensure you do this in a well ventilated area- chloroform can be dangerous!

    Toothpaste Method

    1. Gradually put pea sized amounts of toothpaste in your hair until the gum starts to come out.

    2. Wash your hair with shampoo.

    hope this helped =D

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    Peanut Butter.

  • 5 years ago

    One method of doing it is to take some ice cubes in a synthetic bag and keep it on the gum in your hair until it freezes and hardens. Then smoothly and slowly break the gum from your hair. This is the simplest method of removing gum form hair but if the problem persists then you would have to resort to some other technique. Using any oil base is another effective method of getting rid of gum form hair. Take any kind on non-toxic oil like baby lotions, olive oil, canola oil etc and then slowly apply it around the gum and the gum itself. Massage the oil into the hair and leave it for 20 minutes. After that, comb out the hair very slowly and gently. This should be enough to remove the gum but if it doesn’t then repeat the process. Good Luck Jen x

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    Peanut butter will work wonders but DO NOT try to brush it out until you get most of it out. Once you don't see any, poke around and then add some more and use a comb not a brush!.. Just to be on the safe side.. Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Peanut butter will get it out of the hair. Just smooth it onto the places where the gum is and slide it off. It will hurt to take it off the skin though. No avoiding it. Just go slow.

  • 1 decade ago

    peanut butter. just put some in his hair and try to pull the bubble gum down his hair. one of my substitute teachers last year said it works great, aha.

  • Like everyone else said, peanut butter.

  • 1 decade ago

    peanut butter works best

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah I think the peanut butters have it

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    peanut butter always helps and/or something sticky that wont get to your hair or get a cute haircutt

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