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why are people diffrent after there frist time, am i ready?

in shows people are always messed after there first time, i am a virgin but i think i am ready and i really think i wouldnt feel that way after. but how do i kow for sure?

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    You're ready when you can deal with the possible outcomes (pregnancy, STD's, etc.). You're ready when you're in a trusted relationship and can talk about if you both are ready not ask random strangers on Yahoo Answers if we think you're ready.

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    People are diffrent after their first time because they were not ready in the first place and if you have to ask "am i ready" then no you are not ready. Im sure you young and you dont understand this now but you will when your isnt everything and neither is school or gf or bf. so just ignore all the drama and work on your school work and have fun with your friends, dont worry about all the adult stuff just yet.

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    You can only give up your virginity once. A lot of young people think it is a way to "keep" someone. In fact the opposite usually happens. Wait until you are in a loving committed long term relationship.

    It doesn't matter your religious beliefs as much as your self-esteem.

    Make your virginity a gift for your husband.

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    Step back and relax.

    Look at it this way. Literally 99% of all the people who are alive and have ever lived have had a first time. And normally many many more afterward. Even YOUR parents did it. (yeah gross).

    Just take your time, be safe and remember that sex NEVER equals love. Love is love, sex is sex, they can work together and are both much better when they do but its not necessary (for you or your partner.) MEANING yeah you could "change" or they could "change" but then again ALL things in life change in time.

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    people often lose their virginity under the wrong circumstances. this leads to subsequent regret or even long term mental problems.

    the trick is knowing when you are ready, and being confident that the situation is safe. Meaning you are READY, you trust and love the person you are with, they love and trust you, your partner is wearing a condom, and the place is safe.

    trust me losing your virginity is not at all traumatic for most people. it simply shouldnt be.

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    Use a condom. Just think about it, your virginity can only be given to one person, and can never be taken back. Apart from that, it's just sex. It feels good, and the social repercussions are entirely limited based on your choice of a partner.

    Happy days!!!

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    You are not ready men only used women specially if they are under 30! And yes you will feel weird. Save yourself!!!

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