I have a cutlass with a chevy 350 , bogs out picking up speed ...?

I have an 81 cutlass with a stock 90's chevy 350 only major mod before was the edelbrock intake , it had the stock carb before i bought the car like this more than a year ago , iv'e had this problem for a couple of months & everything i've done cant seem to solve it . Car was running perfect until out of the blue i was trying to get on the highway & it started bogging down when i accelerated to 50 mph , it would also bog out & it would turn off sometimes if i was stopped with the engine on or stuck in traffic for more than 10 minutes & try to accelerate. i was told to change the fuel filter & i did & it still did the same thing , then i was told to change the carb because the carb was messed up , i changed the carb to a new edelbrock 600 cfm performer & regulated it & it still does the same thing , then i was told it could be the location of the electric fuel pump , the electric fuel pump was located on the alternator bracket & i was told the pressure so close to the carb could be flooding out the plugs but the plugs were fine when I checked them , I put them in about 3 weeks ago ,i wanted to change the pump to a manual one but when i was already about to do it , I realized that the manual fuel pump rod hole was sealed off so i moved the electric fuel pump to the back of the car 2 feet from the gas tank, I would look at the new clear filter & it would seem like it was getting small amounts of gas & slowly fill up but it still bogs out & when the car bogs out it looks like there is barely gas in the filter. also recently the gas gauge hasnt been reading right & points to different directs almost every time I turn the car on. also now some times I would be driving through regular traffic & it would idle real low & bog out & would hesitate to accelerate eventually turning off I am up to my end with the car already because I dont know what else could the problem be can anyone please help.

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    Check to see if you have good exhaust flow, a clogged cat will cause back pressure on the engine restricting power. It is also a very good idea to check fuel pressure, there could be a restriction in the line, or the fuel pump is not suppling enough pressure, or if there is a fuel pressure regulator it could be malfunctioning. If your getting too much fuel there will be black smoke from the exhaust.

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    What i would do is check the fuel pressure regulator make sure its giving enough pressure or it could be the actual electric fuel pump that its not sending enough fuel pressure what i would do is get a fuel pressure regulator and check the fuel pressure . If you go to autozone you could leave a deposit for the tool and get it back when your done using it its a free service autozone provides.

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    a pair of issues you will desire to examine is you will desire to be careful with Edelbrock previous triangular air air purifier, they have been initially designed for low hood clearance,and a few fashions like professional bypass 1002 had a splash a undertaking getting adequate air to carb.additionally did you verify with factors which you checked your stay hollow pick minimum 15 thou hollow,and use quility factors,additionally examine some carbs unquestionably have a small gas clear out contained in the housing that suits on the carb,like Rochester ,yet i dont element Edelbrock does. with those i throw them away quite in case you have inline clear out.final would would desire to envision gas pump stress.

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    your system may be starving for fuel. make sue the fuel filter is installed in the right direction and the the lines are clear. your filter should be full in about ten seconds and stay that way.

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    You should test the fuel pressure with a gauge.Have you checked the timing?Timing may have skipped.

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    you shure it is not over Heat'n?

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