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Bought a 2008 Ninja 250R, good deal?

Bike was dropped on sides and has light scratches. 08 with 2400 miles on it, paid 2800 out the door. good deal?


not bad, can be painted.

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    what part of the bike is scratched? the plastic? engine? frame?

    the plastic is a molded color, tough to paint, better to replace the plastic with a decal kit.,. or you can remove the plastic fairing and ride it , don't know what it wil look like, but I would never be wanta be seen riding any bike with tip over damage on it.

    $2800 is a fair price due to that bike in big demand and selling good

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    1 decade ago

    the damage doesn't sound to bad, as for a 250R, well you might get tired of it quick and need to Upgrade to another Bike. I just bought a 2006 Katana 600 CC for 2800 and the damage is very minor the Bike only had 3500 miles old man never rode it.

    I guess the price is decent since its an 08

  • lucy
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    Its a suited novices bike, in spite of the undeniable fact that it has some obstacles, Its especially a quick distance bike for point roads, Its a suited commuter bike, and for exciting using. Its no longer designed as a protracted distance traveling bike, and its no longer rapid and rapid sufficient to holiday with six hundred and 1000cc crotch rockets. you're as a rule a lone wolf with that bike, cruisers and crotch rockets won't want you to holiday with them. i've got confidence as gas fees proceed to climb your 250 Ninja will substitute into greater efficient and you'd be respected for possessing one, and that i could be very careful of thief's that desire to scouse borrow your bike, save it locked up!

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    How bad are the scratches?

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