How does Cal Poly San Luis Obispo stack up against other engineering colleges in California?

I am researching colleges to apply to for the fall of 2010 and, as of the moment, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is my top choice. I am planning on going into engineering (computer, software, general engineering). When applying, I have several other engineering schools that I could apply to, such as UCLA, UCSD, Cal Tech, Stanford, etc. I don't know if I will get accepted into any, but I my question is: How does Cal Poly San Luis Obispo compare to these colleges in terms of engineering programs and reputation? I just don't want to pass up an opportunity to go to a more prestigious engineering college should I get accepted.


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    CalPoly-SLO is a respected school, and the Engineering program is especially respected, but it does not have the academic prestige of Berkeley, Stanford, or UCLA. However, even CalPoly-SLO's Engineering program is hard to get into, so you should be happy if you get admitted there.

    Also look at San Jose State and Santa Clara University.

    San Jose State has the great advantage of having a BSIT degree in Computer Electronics Technology, so that the many students who can't keep up with Engineering have a decent degree to "drop" down to, and don't have to leave the school in disgrace.

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    Go to a more prestigious university if you are accepted. Cal Tech is tops.

    Cal Poly, SLO is the best engineering school in California, other than those you have named, the other UC campuses and possibly USC. It is as hard to get into as the UC campuses unless you live in San Luis Obispo County or a neighboring county, in which case you may have an advantage as they often reserve some slots for people who graduated from a high school in their area.

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