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What's there to do in Vancouver?

I will be spending maybe 1 or 2 nights in Vancouver and was wondering if there's anything fun for a family and relatives to do for an afternoon...also, how's the weather like in august?


aquarium sounds good! and how's the weather in August???

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    well first of the weather in vancouver in august is usually nice but with vancouver anything can be a possibilty like yesterday night it was pouring rain with lightening and thunder but today it might reach into the 30's soo....

    if you like shopping you could go to robson st./granville st./metrotown/pacific center

    you could go to granville island, theres a bunch of places in the market you can get food and you can sit outside and look at the vancouver skyline

    stanley park is another great option, you could walk or ride a bike along the seawall

    the suspension bridge

    the aquarium, the vancouver public library (one on georgia is HUGE), the art gallery in downtown, i find chinatown quite interesting but be aware theres plently of homeless people there...and stay away from walking in east hastings b/c of the people dealing drugs & homeless people while they don't give me many problems i doubt you want children to see people injecting themselves....o yaletown is great too

    well have fun in vancouver

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    Take the Sky ride up Grouse mountain ,Stanley park The aquarium,Granville island market, weather will be warm Go to hellobc and Buy a day pass for transit China town is great second largest in North America Science world, Lynn Valley suspension bridge and canyon in North Vancouver its free

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    august weather is great in vancouver. but being vancouver, rain could always be a possibility. I would definitly go to the aquarium in stanley park. They have so many cool animals and shows. my favourites are the belugas:) its right in the park, which is breath-taking, and is beside an outdoor pool and beach. definitly gotta go there when you come. you can also rent bikes for a low cost at the entrance of the park on denman and georgia street. it's a lovely ride around the entire park with great views and people watching, definitly vancouver at it's best! pack a picknick for yourselves too!

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    You name it .. you can do it.

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    All of the above, but if you like shopping you should hit Robson street as well. It's downtown.

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