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"Baba Ga Noosh" or "Famous Kid" for gamer tag?

I need your choice for best gamer tag! I've narrowed it down to these. If u don't then there's also "its me ty" but its not the popular choice haha. Also I don't care if you don't like them or not. Just choose one or the other. If you got nothing good to say, then don't say anything at all. Thanks for your help guys!


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    Baba Ga Noosh, dangit! That's epic. I would be proud to have a friend with such a weird and interesting name. (Also, it reminds me of MXC, which is always a good thing.) Don't listen to these pansies, be different and go against the crowd of mindless normality!

    And for the member who mentioned it being difficult to find a nickname for, please. I'd use Baba, or if that's not "hardcore" enough there's BGN.

    In the end though, choose whatever you feel suits -you-, not what other people recommend.

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    Famous Kid

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    well baba ga noosh is a bit weird and famous kid is a bit cliche and not so unique, but baba ga noosh can make u sound like an indian

    to save yourself the emberrassment and weirdness go for famous kid

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    Baba Ga Noosh is nice but if i was playing online that name is too hard to shout out. but Famous Kid is nice in a nice shooting game "KID" could be a nice nickname. ex: We have to set a flank of the left side "KID" cover me:.. Yeah has a nice ring to it.

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    Ill say famous kid

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    Baba Ga Noosh because I love MXC, and it reminds me of it!

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