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Easy 10 points for anyone who will read, Honest answere only!?

(Read All and answer plz)

ok so there is this girl that i met today at a friend's barbecue, she was so cute and sexy. Then after a while we were talking we found out that we went to the 6th grade together(I'm gonna be a senior now)and just lost contact after 6th grade.

So soon afterward I went to a drinking party and I met her there again. Most of my buddies wanted to mack on her. So me and some of my buddies decided that may the best man win. I want her b/c I think i love her now but i know my other buddies just wanna "get some" if u know wat i mean. So i was talking with her and we went out to smoke a little bit and talk some more.

But the thing is that i think my buddie got a hold of her now, But he already has a girlfriend and it seems like he is just telling the girl to come around him, to go to his car to get some Cds, or to go smoke with him. He sounds kinda desparate when he talks to her.

I don't know wat i should do know, She does look at me alot, but i don't know if she likes my buddie better than me cuz he is better looking and has a better body than me... help? 10 point given after 6 hours of the start of this question


Also I can't snitch my buddie out cuz i'm not gonna be a snitch

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    I'll be honest:

    Don't back down and hand her to a guy who already has someone. He probably just wants some sexual relief out of her. You have better intentions by the looks of it. Don't back down, bud!

    My girlfriend used to look at me and not realize it before we were dating, and I did the same to her. Looking from afar can indicate shyness and that they feel helpless to do more than just that. So yeah, I suggest you go ahead and try to snag her. If she's not a whore or anything she might prefer you if you show you are only wanting her, not her body.

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    If your buddy is acting like a fool, then she will probably see through that. I know it may seem a little low, but don't you think if you mentioned he had a girlfriend in a very blase way she might pick you over him?

    I'm just saying, even if you're less appealing than your friend, I'd rather be with you then someone who already has a someone.

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    If she looks @ u a lot... she's interested in u & she's reading u. Maybe to see how far your willing to go to get her. It doesn't seem like ur putting much of a fight. Wat u should do, instead of thinking and asking & worrying, just ask her straight out. That's the best way to do it for both parties. Just say, "hey, if my buddie was free, would u go out with him?" and see what she says. If she flips and and says no... then u got ur answer and there's a good chance she's waiting on u. Go for the gold! Seize the day!

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    You should tell your friend to back off because he has a g/f already and he is not being a good friend to you by stealing a girl away that he knows you like. If he doesn't know that you really like her then you should be honest with him. He's not in the race as he has a g/f. He's not respecting his g/f either. If he continues to try and get your girl then she should know that he already has a g/f. Someone's going to get hurt. I'd even end up telling your girl that you like her before things get out of hand with your so-called friend.

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    You have to show this girl who you really are. In the end it is up to her to make her decision not you. Resist the urge to narc on your douche bag buddy. It may seem like the right thing to do now, but remember if this girl may come and go, you would prolly still want him as a friend.

    Good luck.

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    First of all, women think it's sexy when you act like a man. Don't be shy!!! Take charge. Be confident. She'll notice confidence.

    Second of all, be sweet to her! Be around her a lot and offer her things (at parties). It will win her heart.

    Third of all, be playful! Flirt with her, tease her (girls love that).

    and also, just because he looks "better" than you, doesn't mean he can win her. Do the things I told you to do. It's going to win her heart.

    However, that doesn't mean you should completely ignore hygiene. it wouldn't hurt to do your hair (gel, straightened...) and wear some sexy cologne (literally drives girls nuts)....Ever heard of Axe?

    I really hope this helps! =D

    and Good luck winning her over.

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    I think you should arm wrestle him. . . . . . . . wait though, you said he had a better body than you so that is not going to work. Does he have a better car than you? You should let her decide who has the better car. If you don't then you're screwed.

    No, don't be an idiot. Just tell her the truth and tell her how you feel.

    Now quit smoking, give me my 10 points, and don't drink too much.

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    Just be yourself. If you really like her, don't give up. I wouldn't be aggressive, but don't back down. We girls are not as dumb as you may think :). Haha.. kidding, but you sound like a stand up guy. If the guy she is hanging out with has a girlfriend she will see that. As a side note, never do the "may the best man win thing" again. VERY tacky!

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    Well, first of all, you should talk to the girl. Tell her you want to hang out sometime, and just hanng out a lot. On some occaisons, buy her a small gift. If she doesnt seem to want to hang out with you, then I guess shes not the girl.

    Then you should talk to the guy. Talk to him, and occaisonly ask about the girl. He might say what he really feels about her.

    But, all in all, just be yourself.

    Hope that helps

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    okay well i think you should have a "man to man" talk with your friend and tell him how he has a girl and its wrong to cheat on girls. trust me it hurts really bad it makes your heart feel like someone stuck a knife through it.

    oh yeah and another thing is a true girl likes a guy from what they see in the inside not on the outside the girls who usually like a guy from his looks or his body are shallow and you deff dont want them type of girls they will make others look bad so they can look the best and they wont really like you they will say they do but they will only like how you loook and things wont work out.


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