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Is the economy really that bad?

I don't understand how bad the economy really is. If people are supposedly cutting back, I wonder what they were like before. I went to Kohl's today and all the people ahead of me spent over $200. One lady spent over $700, plus she was pregnant.

If the economy is really so bad explain that and this:

Every time I go to the mall or drive by it looks packed. I thought people didn't have money to buy new clothes and stuff.

I went to a restaurant last night and there was a 45 minute wait. I left and went to another restaurant because of the wait and there was an hour wait at the other restaurant. I thought people didn't have money for eating out.

I don't really see how the economy can really be that bad if people have this money to spend on silly little things.


Kani what are you talking about?

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    I have to agree with you. I've been noticing the same patterns. There is all this media hype about the "recession" yet it never fails a 45 minute wait at Olive Garden or the people in front of you in the department store spending hundreds or someone broadcasting to the world their latest trip to the Bahamas.

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    Clothes and movies are one thing but can you afford $1500-3000 mortgage every month?

    Kohls is cheap. Everything is on sale there. Malls are for young people too. How many older husband wife types that look liek they been together forever strolling around? I can also tell you my parents dont hang out at restaurants either.

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    The effects of the recession differs by state and city. Some of my friends from small towns barely realize that there is a recession going on. I'm from New York City and the job market is pretty bad here given the collapse of the Wall Street.

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    10% of the people are looking for a job and another 7% would like to work but have given up looking, This means over 80% of workers sill have jobs and are still spending about like they use to. Because we have unemployment insurance even people who have lost their jobs have some money to spend

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    worse than you can ever imagine.. your whole world is going to come to a sad start growing cucumbers in your window box...yes that bad!!!!!!!

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