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What was she thinking?

There was a party I went to. At the party a few of my friends my crush and I began to play strip apples to apples. Yes I know it's weird. Well anyways I lost, and my crush really wanted to me to get naked. I was kinda shy but, I was peer pressured. Eventually I did, but I covered up using a pillow. Then my crush claimed she was trying to lose and took off her bra, but she covered herself using a pillow as well. At first I was thinking score, she was trying to arouse me. But then next to her was my very attractive male friend, who's dating her best friend. I knew my crush used to like him, but I assumed to stop after her friend began dating him. Then I tried making a deal with her that I would remove my pillow if she would remove hers. She said no. So I'm really confused why she took off her bra in the first place. All the other guys in the room were very ugly and I doubt she would be trying to attract anyone else other then me and her friend's boyfriend. If someone could help me figure her out that would be awesome.

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    wow she is a tease. That is all I can say she shows a little but does not go all the way....

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