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how can i make a dvd copy.........?

my computer can read & play dvd movies i can also burn ,sync & rip music & movies to CDR & CD-RW but it cant or doesn't read DVD-R ..

why my computer can't read DVD-R &

how can i burn my movies in a DVD-R..

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    The first answer to your question is that not all drives can burn DVD-R discs. my suggestion is to buy DVD+R discs.

    The second answer to your question to download or buy DVD copying/burning software then copy the dvd

    hope this helps

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    It seems that you don't have a dvd player? CD players won't burn/read DVDs. you can get a dvd player here

    As to dvd burner tool, you can use convertXtoDVD to burn any video and movie in all media type to DVD–R/RW, DVD+R/RW, make the DVD playable on DVD player.

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    Download DVD 43 (shhhhh! dont let anybody know)

    everytime you insert a disk dvd 43 will "unlock" it

    go to the D: drive, right click on the disk click explore, find the file you want and copy it then burn to a dvd

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