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What time do the riders come in on the last stage of the Tour de France?

So I guess it's happening tomorrow and I was wondering what time they would be coming in at? And if you know any sites that will be streaming the event that would be very helpful as well :)


ok but what about the 21st stage? Do you know the general time of day that the race is going to take place at?

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  • phil
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    1 decade ago
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    it's tough to say as it depends on the speed they go at

    according to official tour de france website (link below)

    if they go at 42kilometers an hour, they'll finish at 17:24 Central European Time, if it is 40 km/h 17:36 and if they go at 38km/h, it'll be 17:49 CET

    deduct one hour for Britain & Ireland of course

    for streaming, maybe this question may help -;_ylt=Av... but i can not vouch the information

  • jp
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    1 decade ago

    4:39:21 thats the time of the stage winner of 20th, others came just seconds after!

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