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Feeding a dog purely on wet food. No problems with teeth or faeces. Is this ok?

Time and time again I get told I should be feeding my dog dry food. The fact is, he hates it. Weaning him onto it, at least partly, has been a slow process as he is very reluctant. He often has phases where he won't eat for days yet lose no weight so it's not like he has any problem refusing food and has never been one to over eat. Am I letting him be picky? I don't know. I'm considering giving it up as a bad job. Is a siet of all wet food really that bad? His teeth are great (as stated by a vet) and his faeces are normal coloured and nice and solid. His goes on average once a day. He eats dog biscuits that are designed to be treats. On the back is says no more than 10 per day for a dog his size (50lbs) so I can't substitute that as a daily dry food, nor would I want to.

The dog foods he eats are the tinned Butchers and Chappie (UK brands). I know they're not the best, but it's genuinely the only stuff he will eat.

Opinions please.


Oh, I forgot to add, his teeth are cleaned regularly, and he's always on the go with chew toys, etc.

Update 2:

Kate M, a vet has seen his teeth and he eat dog biscuits, so no, his teeth do not hurt him.

It's hard to follow a consistent eating routine as he spends a lot of time at my parent's house who have a different schedule to me and my partner.

Update 3:

He's 4 years old.

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    I fail to see why many people believe that dog food has to be dried out and shaped like kibble to be healthy. Actually, the protein in wet food is often of better quality. The only real issue is that you pay more for wet food and some dogs have issues with loose stool but it's certainly not like the dog's teeth are going to rot out of its head if it eats all wet food. If your dog's teeth are healthy and you take care of them then wet food is no worse than dry food.

    I feed kibble to my dogs but I also add many things to it including wet dog food and my dog's teeth are great and rarely need cleanings. If you are worried you can start brushing your dog's teeth, but I don't see a problem with feeding all wet food.

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    Im studying vet nursing at the moment And there is a few things I'd like to let you in on. From what I have learned, Canned or wet food is 70% water so to give your dog the daily nutrition that he needs you would have to feed him more of it. The higher the quality in food the less you need to give them to reach their daily nutritional intake needed. He might have good teeth now but how old is he? Young dogs will always have good teeth but as he gets older you will relly notice the difference. I understand about fusy eaters but really if he is hungry he will eat anything you put down if you are tough and dont say "oh he hasnt eaten it so I had better give him what he likes" This comes down to training as well. You are the boss and he has to know that. If you do the slow process of changing over he should eventully eat what you want him to. Its not being mean either. A dogs digestive system is not built to eat every day. In the wild a dog may eat one day and not have food again for a few days so dont worry if he hasnt eaten for a day or two. As I said before if he is hungry he will eat he wont stave himself to death if there is some sort of food availble to him. If you truely have no luck giving him bones to chew will help his teeth and so will the biscuits you give to him. I really hope I have helped. In the future with any new dogs start them when they are young eating dry food or chicken necks and dry food when their adult teeth have developed. Good luck

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    There is nothing wrong with a wet food, as long as it's a high quality wet food. I don't know anything about those brands, as I am in the US.

    But really, saying that kibble is better for their teeth than wet food is like saying that us eating pretzels every day of our lives will keep our teeth clean. We all know that's not true. In fact, one of the top things that contribute to plaque buildup for dogs is carbs. Kibble has more carbs than wet food because carbs of some sort are required to hold each kibble together.

    Whether a dog is fed wet or dry food, they should always have their teeth brushed or be given lots of things to chew on (raw meaty bones under supervision are best) and be given an annual teeth cleaning at a vet.

  • Wet dog food is no worse for a dogs teeth than dry food. Its a myth that dry food cleans their teeth. For something to clean the teeth it has to be slightly abrasive. Dry food doesn't fit the bill since most dogs fed dry food don't chew and if they did kibble shatters so it wouldn't be effective anyway.

    Dogs fed commercial foods should be given wet foods. Their natural diet consists of a lot of water, dogs fed dry food only often live in a state of chronic dehydration because they can't or don't drink enough to make up for the lack of moisture in their food.

    I'm not real familiar with UK wet food brands and only know about a few dry food brands, but I'd say if he's eating a good quality wet food stick with it. Maybe offer him a few chicken necks, back or feet a few times a week to help keep his teeth clean and you should be good to go.

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    Well, the teeth damage from wet food takes years to build up. I don't believe kibble helps clean their teeth it's just wet food makes their teeth rot.

    You can continue to use wet food but I do recommend that you brush his teeth at least twice a week then (dog toothbrush and paste ONLY) OR you can change him onto Prey Model raw feeding which is still wet feeding but because raw bone is such a high part of the diet their teeth gets cleaned regularly.

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    Canned food is basically expensive water. If he has to have his teeth cleaned regularly, they are not as healthy as they could be.

    A healthy dog will not starve themselves. Put the dry food down for 20 min, then take it away. Feed him like this twice a day. He will eat when he gets hungry enough. Do not give any other food or treats. Do not give in to him. He will eat the dry food eventually.

    His teeth could be so bad that is hurts to eat hard food. Think if all you ate was pudding and you suddenly have to eat crackers and other hard food. It would hurt because your teeth and jaw are not used to it .

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