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are either of these good deals for gaming computers?

I still have not found the answer I am looking form. I want a some-what cheap gaming desktop around the $700 range. I will be playing games like WoW and Crysis. I don't know anything about computers, so building one is out of the question. I just need someone to suggest a computer that can run the games I like on high detail settings, and run smoothly with no lag.

I found a computer for $750, and the guy says it runs Crysis at the highest settings. Here's the specs can someone tell me if it's a good deal?

Custom Full-Tower Case

Phenom II 940 Quad-Core Black Edition @ 3.0Ghz stock

Asus M4A79 Deluxe AM3/AM2 Motherboard

4 GB OCZ Fatal1ty DDR2 Memory @ 1066Mhz

Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 OC Edition @ 900Mhz Core Clock (The fastest single ATi card out...for now)

Western Digital Caviar Black 650 GB 32 MB Cache

Corsair HX650 Watt Power Supply (Voted best power supply by PC magazine)

Windows XP 64-Bit Professional Service Pack 3

LG DVD Burner

Linksys Wireless Card (802 something or other)

Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

I have no idea what any of that means. But anyways, if that's not a good computer or deal, can someone suggest a pre-assembled computer. I was also looking at the Alienware Aurora, but idk if that's a good computer either.

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    that custom set for 750$ sounds like a good deal.

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    It definitely won't play on the highest settings, but it is still a very good computer nonetheless.

    >Windows XP 64-Bit Professional Service Pack 3

    Except for this -- if you have a choice, go for Vista along with the free coupon to a Windows 7 upgrade.

    Overall it looks like a very good build -- take it. It beats the hell out of a Alienware anyday -- expensive and poor value.

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    I'm sure other inexperienced pc builders will nit-pick it to death, but that computer is perfect for your needs. Yes, it will play Crysis, but not at the "absolute maximum settings". Not even the most expensive computer can play Crysis with everything maxed out.

    I'd buy that one cause $750 is pretty much what you'd pay if you built it yourself anyways.

    IN response to the first post. For the love of christ, don't install vista on top of a computer that COMES with XP. It's just garbage and I'm as good with computers as most system admins and IT pros.

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    but what kind of case tho

    yuoll need some better cooling and a better cpu heatsink

    but yes that can play it on very high with 0xAA

    but crysis is a SHITttty *** game,

    the only thing thats good about it is the graphics and the gameplay sucks ***

    it was really not worth my 50 bucks

    but whatever

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    tat's quite a good deal. It may be able to run Crysis on the highest settings just not that smoothly; maybe medium to high would be more reasonable.

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    very nice computer but id take an intel quad core over a phenom quad core anyday

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    sure that can run crysis on full settings. but you can get it a little cheaper on ebay

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    That specs should work.

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