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my laptop mouse pad and buttons wont work?

about 3 or 4 weeks ago i turned on my laptop and the mousepad would not work the buttons did though (this only happened sometimes when i turned it on and never after it started working again did it mess up while i had it on) then out of no where the right click button broke on it and has not worked for 2 Weeks. know today i turn on my laptop and it just wont work the mousepad or the buttons the keyboard is working though. i have tryed restarting it many times its been about 6 hours of attempts to get it to work normally even when it did this it would start working after 10-15 minutes. any advice on what the problem is would help a lot. thanks in advance

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    Your hardware is definitely screwed up. What kind of laptop is it? depending on what type of computer it is, you will able to do an easy troubleshoot or replace your laptop. (For example, Hewlett Packard makes you pay for a troubleshoot.) In this case, as it is a hardware malfunction, you should back up all of your files, and ask for another computer. Good luck!

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    i had a similar problem with a lap top I worked on. it is a virus. they work only in the before the operating system loads. you have to wipe the computer and re-install the operating system

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