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Please, please help with my vaginal itching! :(?

i had sex for the first time two days ago. just yesterday and today, i started to feel a really irritating itch. i would say it's mostly near and inside the vaginal opening, and also along the inner labia. i look pretty red.

we used a condom, and he's only had sex with one girl one time before (with a condom as well).

i don't have any clumpy discharge, so i don't think it's a yeast infection?

i do sometimes feel a dripping discharge, but there really isn't much. i'd say it's a very light yellow, and with only a slight odor. it seems a little different from my usual discharge, but not by much.

i try to stay clean, always wipe front to back... i haven't had itching like this before, so i'm sure it has something to do with the sex.

this itching is killing me! what do you think it is? yeast infection? BV? an allergy to the condom we used (trojan) or lube (KY jelly)? please, please, any help!

thank you.

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    sounds like an allergic reaction to the condom! just stay clean and dry down there!

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