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Should I have a protein shake instead of sandwiches?

I'm not fat but I have a "muffin-top" that I want to get rid of, so for me this summer is all about eating healthy. I'm eating less calories and many vegetables.

Every day for lunch I have two pickle sandwiches. (Just dill pickles and bread.) Would it be better to switch to a protein shake so I didn't get carbs from bread? Or does it matter?

By the way, my other meals are Special K for breakfast and rice and vegetables for dinner, maybe with some chicken. Nothing unhealthy and I'm following this plan strictly!

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    ....try working out?

    If you're not active, eating just carbs will only add more pounds. Add more protein for a more balanced diet (try adding it to all your meals). Protein + carb combos (plus lots of veggies) will help you feel more satisfied.

    Protein shakes are a good idea but only when you're on a very active work-out regimen and are looking to tone up & build muscle. If you do decide to get on a work-out regimen, drink a protein shake (20 grams of whey protein) to help refuel your muscles. And it will help stave off hunger afterward.

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    No. It will depend on whats within the sandwhcih, and such a lot protein shakes can provide you extra protein according to what you'll be able to devour than sandwhiches. They are greater than not anything nonetheless.

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