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Help with the 3 day apple diet?

ive heard about this diet, i know it is a crash diet but im tweeking it a little bit for myself. instead of eating ONLY apples i plan on eating apples through out the day except for dinner where i will eat some type of protein along with green leafy vegetables. i only need to lose a few pounds for this one day, also i plan on doing my normal cardio of running and walking. Does this sound good?



im just looking for natural stuff

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    That sounds like desperation hun! here is what you can do, I don't know how long you have before this day but I know you can take hoodia.

    Hoodia is as effective as hydroxycut. I don't know if you remember hydroxycut but it was taken off the market because it was harmful to your budy

    Any way let me cut to the chase. I know about hoodia because I used it and I shed 11 pounds in like 2 weeks if I remember correct.

    It works with your body making it think that it is not hungry and makes you use the stored fat you already have. It also stops carbohydrate cravings. I put in a link just click the enter area and then go to weight loss.

    i put in a link for you.

    Source(s): Dr. Pure
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