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does anyone believe in?

does anyone believe in god and sex after marriage and stuff like that im 13 and a jehovah's witness and never met anyone who shares my believes and i love, respect and take my religious seriously:]

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    Im Christian and believe in all of those things. Dont let other people influence what you personally believe, its not up to the. You are you and dont feel that you have to live up to others expectations too be excepted.

    I am 18

    email me if u hav ne questions

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    I studied your religion on and off for 20 years. I do share the basic belief systems that you are taught but there were many other things I did not agree with. For that reason I am not a witness.

    I believe that if you are looking for common beliefs that come from your religion you should look within your own religious community. That way you can be sure to find like minded people that think and feel as you do.

    I know that, that particular religion is pretty strict in its beliefs and i hope you keep up the good work. Looking on the internet is not the best idea you have had though and maybe you should talk to your elders if you are having problems. In my experience the congregations stick together. Especially the kids.

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    I pose a question to you...

    Why are you asking questions like this on the internet at 13? There are a lot of creeps on this site, apostates and the like.

    Anyway im 28, i got baptized when I was 11 and was a virgin until my wedding night in 2003. You are not alone there are many young people faithfully serving jehovah around the world. Be sure to keep up with reading your magazines and ask your CO or other older people around your area if they know any young people who are interested in spiritual things. Keep serving jehovah. And you have my brotherly love. Now get off the internet! :D

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    I believe in sex only after marriage, but I also believe that you should have sex for the first time with someone who you truly love and who loves you back. It doesn't necessarily have to be after marriage.

    I was introduced into the sexual world very quickly because of a previous boyfriend but I'm still a virgin. I broke up with his horny *** fast! You should have a boyfriend who enjoys your company and is okay with just sitting with you and not having to "do stuff". If he can't wait or is too pushy, don't waste your time with him no matter how nice he is when you're with other people. It's when you're alone that how he acts truly matters.

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    Of course! im a Jehovah's witness too and I definatley believe you should wait to have sex until after you are married. trust me, there are many other people who share the same belief. i promise you are not alone:)

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    Yes... it'll be hard considering I kind of have a high sex drive but i've never kissed anyone, let alone have sex. But I do indeed think about it... I think that's kind of sinful in itself but I think I can do it. And I want my wedding night/honeymoon to be something special. Sex is much more than "having fun". It's something that brings a relationships up on many levels. Good for you for being positive in what you believe in!

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    I believe in God, who doesn't believe in sex at an aranged time XD

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    I believe in doing whatever makes you happy

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    nope i worship many many many many many many Gods and Goddesses and that sex is a wonderful aid to Evocation and Invocation and its fun! Im not "aloud" to get married because of homophobic laws....

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    to be honest i think they do even though i'm 13 too...

    but you must have patience and see what'll happen when your an adult and married....

    just like i'm being patience

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