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ice eater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

i have come to the habit of eating a lot of ice e,every time i have the opportunity to eat i eat it!lol my mom is telling me to stop and has actually has limited the amount i can eat.

and my dad says i going to ruin my teeth.

is there actually any harm am doing to myself by eating so much ice?

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    Hmm... I dont think it would hurt. It actually sounds like a plan to me. Maybe Ill start doin that to when Im hungry. lol. Then I can drop this baby weight.

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    I have never heard anyone hurting them self by eating to much ice

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    after awhile it might harm your teeth.

    but, since ice is frozen water(duhh, lol.), and you eat alot of ice, your gonna have to go to the bathroom more..

    Source(s): happened to sister... O.o
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