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Friend catcher on facebook?!!?

theres some profile tracker on facebook called friend catcher? it just gave me a notification and said "___ ____ is looking at your page, click here to see the 12 other visitors" and i clicked it and it said 'allow access to application', but i didnt. If I do not add that application, can people who have the application see that I am looking at their profile? or is it just for people who have added the application? HELP! I dont want people to catch me looking at their profile, thats embarassing!

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    Thats a bullsh*t scam. Its just trying to get you to install it so it can pull info from your profile. Don't sign up for it.

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    the same thing happened to me like an hour ago.. i was kind of freaking out too, i wouldn´t like people to know im looking at their profile. What´s completely weird is that when the notification showed up i clicked on it too, but i didn´t click on "allow access to application", then i checked and it was on my "application list" on the left corner, i deleted it. do u think some of my friends got this notification too, as if i had viewed their profile?

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    I just got that same thing. All it wants to do is get you to click on their ads so they can make money. Don't allow access to it, but it won't do any harm if you do. It's just a waste of time.

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    It's just an app that sends messages to a randomly selected group of friends. It will not tell you who is looking at your page.

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