Tips to flattering a girl?

I've been texting and hanging around and chatting with this girl I'm in a love with for a few months now and i was just curious, when were carrying a conversation, what seems to be an almost foolproof way to flatter a girl? I know they're all different but is there something you could say to a girl that just sweeps her off her feet. you know, compliments and like ideas to go out and do things. Something that girls would love a man to say or do but they just don't know.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Look her in the eyes when she talks. Remember what she has said, and comment on it later. And tell her that she's beautiful on the inside and out.

    It's always great to just call in the middle of the day and tell her you just wanted to hear her voice. And make a point of not lingering. Don't break into a conversation. Just say, "well, I'll look forward to seeing you later, beautiful."

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