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I need help with my newt tank?

I know this is the reptile category but there isn't an amphibian one so I figured it was the best option.

I have four fire belly newts that I just got from a friend. I want to make their aquarium as close to their natural environment as possible. What is the best set-up for the tank and what plants and decorations are safe for them that I could use? Any and all suggestions would be most helpful. Thank you for your time and help.

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    This is what I did for my setup! If you want pictures email me at

    I got some plexi-glass that was about 4inches high and the width was the same as the tank! I used aquarium adhesive and put the plexi-glass in the tank so it divded the tank almost in half. Then for half I put down stones and then moss with a hiding spot and a log. That was my land half! For the water half I put nice gravel on the bottom, then put a good filter in the water side that was hidden by a fountain that attached to the filter to circulate the clean water. I also had a large rock so the toads could get from the water to the land!

    It was a pretty sweet setup!


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