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What Would A Cute First Day of School Outfit Be?

I'm starting high school next month and I just want to know what a really cute first day of school outfit should be, how I should wear my makeup, and how I should do my hair.

I have blue eyes and shoulder length dirty blond hair. It's pretty straight and that's how I usually wear it.

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    Get black knee-length leggings with lace on the bottom and wear a skirt (a mini skirt) over it. Blue plaid would look nice. Then wear a black tanktop and a grey and white striped scarf :]]

    For your makeup just wear light pink lipgloss, light pink blush, blue eyeshadow, blue or black eyeliner, and black mascara :]]

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    Whatever you do, don't dress up too much. Keep it casual, like you didn't try too hard. Pick some new jeans, a basic shirt (but make it in your best color), and some cute new tennis shoes. Wear your hair the way you normally do, so people will get an impression of the "real" you the first time they meet you. This is important.

    On the second day, or any day after that, go crazy if you want. Do something amazing to your hair, wear something outrageous and flirty, whatever. That's one of the best things about high school.

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    Skinny jeans a v-neck and flats, you don't want to look like your trying to hard.

    Here's a link to a back to school outfit i made you can scroll through to see other back to school outfits for different styles:

    LOeave your hair down or put it in a pony or messy bun. Do light makeup because it's gross when girls go to heavy on the makeup especially eye liner! Good luck!!! :)

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    just jeans and a t-shirt

    seriously, don't stress over it too much!

    A few weeks into school, you'll think "why did i care?"


    but I would suggest wearing like, your favorite T-shirt or an item f clothing that makes you feel confident :) It will go a long way, trust me

    best of luck in high school!

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    well if ur a tomboy like i am u should wear a nice pair of skinny jeans with converse and and v neck tee shirt with those sleeveless cardigans if u want to acessorize wear one or 2 bangle bracelets and a nice long necklace

    if u want to go girly u should wear a nice bold patterned tank top with a ruffled mini skirt and a nice flats to impress the guys ;]

  • depends on what kind of stuff you like. I think nice top with skinny jeans and flats would be cute. Or maybe a dress with flats. I think blue would look good against your hair and it would bring out your eyes. Maybe something like these:

    Or if your a jeans and t-shirt gal, maybe something like this:

    For your hair, maybe leave most of it down, but sweep some of it back and put a pretty clip in back like this: Or maybe curl it or add clips in it.

    and I would just do natural makeup.

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    Wear a cute summer dress (forever 21 have great ones, go on the wedsite and pick a cute dress you like)

    put some mascara and blush

    and wear your hair natural or straighten it

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    oooo im just lik u and heres some stuff thats in.....(copy and paste)

    try some denim skinny jeans paired with a tank or a cute hoodie paired with some shorty shorts or a tee or tank with shorts holister is also a very cute choice but a bit more pricey. mabey try a tank top over a white tee shirt or a lace cami under any shirt that you chose its very in.

    try skinny jeans and ballet flats or flip flops :D

    wear your hair mabey in a very loose and messey bun. put some foundation on and some white eyeshadow on your eyes up to your eyebrows, then sky blue until wear your eye creses shut then some dark just like your applying eyeliner right above your eyelashes. some very light pink blush just go from your cheekbone up to your temple very lightly and maby a little blue eyeliner and dark black mascara.

    hope this helps! really need a few points!! love ya and good luck, josie

    p.s sry i had to delete alot of my links because you can only have 10 lol

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    I love the shirt and belt part, but the skirt isn't my style. If its yours go for it! What I would do is put it with some skinny jeans or a jean skirt. Good Luck :)

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    Cuffed boyfriend jeans, cute flats, and a plaid button down shirt with a colored tank underneath.

    Curl your hair, and go au natural with your makeup.

    Don't try TOO hard, ir you will look crappy.

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