Should i major in Radio and Television Communications or Musical Theater ?

I really enjoy singing and also talking. I've never acted in a show before in my life but i am extremely interested in it. I'm just stuck between the two and would love some guidance and help !!!!!

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  • DrIG
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    1 decade ago
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    Radio and Television Communication is a broader major and hence somewhat more desirable. The major is not that important for a singing career./

  • ?
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    4 years ago

    As a musical theatre important at so much locations, Dancing MUST be your most powerful factor. Next comes voice, then appearing. Unless you're god (how they placed it right here) along with your voice, you ought to be a terrific dancer. Most of your paintings is bodily paintings. Also, you're labored all day. It's a difficult important, and you're going to pressured to spend eight hours an afternoon dancing-- thats simply what we do. So, if you're inclined to devote at all times you may have earlier than you move to university to brushing up to your dancng, and you're encouraged to take action, by means of all manner, DO IT! Musical theatre demands extra committed, good rounded men and women. But if you're now not inclined to paintings to be similarly proficient in all 3 points, do not. Major in theatre and minor is track or whatever of that form. Have a laugh in some thing you do decide upon, and welcome to the craft.

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