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would a mother pitbull eat their ill baby pup.?

my dog had a total of 10 puppy's yesterday but while ai was at work and came home thier was two of the pup's missing they were week looking but they also were smaller than the rest. there is also a older sister of the the pup's will she do anything to them,

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    The older sister of the pups is the one that probable took off with them. I had a similar situation of a deformed pup that a different litter male took off with the deformed pup and they played tug a war with it, it was so gross and sad. The mother would push the pup off and intently watch it to keep the rest of her litter safe but still showed concern about the deformed one.

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    that not really true about all mothers dogs does eaten their new born puppies . that sound silly to know that. but how you know if she is really going eaten her own children lol. maybe she is just tryin to clean them up by licking them to keep them healthy and clean not left them dirty. well maybe you shouldnt even touch her puppies after she had them cause some mothers dogs are so protected their little ones when they was born . and you should think harder what not to do . cause maybe the reason why , the mother dog lefted her one pup behide cause maybe she dedicate its not her pup anymore or it just died from early birth or got sicked and the mother dog cant do much about it . so the only way is go head and go take the pup that is in the dog house and see if its sleeping or just had heart stop then if that happen then you can dedicate to make a funerral for the pup or try to take it to the veterinarian and see if they can do something about it to save the pup life . if its too late then i dont know what to do next .

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    Yes, the mother will eat an ill puppy but the older sister may be a threat to even healthy puppies. She should probably be kept away from the puppies until they are older.

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    moms may kill and eat their pups for various reasons.

    The pups may have been ill

    mom may have been stressed

    mom may have felt overwhelmed by 10 of them

    mom may just be immature and didnt know what to do with the pups

    mom may have felt threatened by the other dog

    mom may just not be a good mother.

    Its possible the other dog killed and ate the pups too.

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    no,dogs just push the sick ones aside and dont pay any any attention to them.

    Source(s): personal experience
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    Yes, it is very possible and probably what happened.


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    I don't think so. My friend breeds pit's and they don't eat their young no matter how weak. Im sorry D: hope they just wondered off and got lost hope you find them.

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