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what would a visa unit check for before issuing a visa please be specific.My wife was illegal to Korea before but we weren't married at the time now she carries my last name and a new passport and passport number what else would they check for before issuing her a visa to Korea again.The only thing is is her middle name is her old last name but do you think the Korean embassy in the USA would even bother to check to see if the middle name is her old last name because lots of citizens have middle names that aren't there last names.

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  • Phil
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    It's very hard to say, but I would be surprised if countries haven't already figured out this kind of thing happens and put in safeguards to catch it.

    They will likely enter her date and place of birth and their computers COULD call up the old application (certainly if she's applying at the same consulate or in the same country where she was rejected previously) for inspection -- this person is the same sex, date of birth, place of birth and first name. So they may see the same first name and the middle name will match the last wouldn't take a genius to put it all together.

    I don't know what you have to lose though, in the end you'd have no visa, same result.

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    If you are in South Korea (military) and she's in the Philippines (previous postings) how do you propose to process a visa through the South Korean embassy in the United States?

    If she's married they are going to want the maiden name and the married name. They'll run both names their data base and see that she was TNT in South Korea. She'll be denied.

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